FujiFilm X-70

In this day and age photography is a hobby that most everyone has dabbled in. From photographing our day to day to capturing the perfect selfie it's fair to say that if you are reading this you most probably like photography. Most of us are obsessed with this fantastically rewarding hobby, but as bloggers you tend to push that obsession a little bit to the extreme, I know I do!

John Lewis gave me the opportunity to try out the FujiFilm X-70 and photograph my summer adventures. I have really enjoyed photographing people, places, and things with it. This handy camera has been from my local country park here in Lancashire, to the Yorkshire Dales, and even as far afield as Spain, Texas, and Las Vegas. Even though Summer isn't over yet, I have had such a great time with the X-70 so far. Let me share with you what makes the camera my new blogging best friend.

Why Broome Is the Place For A Summer Vacation

Australia Map

Holidaymakers and travellers alike flock to Australia in the thousands every year. The sun, sea, and surf prove an irresistible combination, but there is even more to Australia than the beaches of Sydney and Perth. The North Western Territories are full of amazing places like Broome. Whether you are a travelling newbie or an old hand, read on to find out why you must pay it a visit.

What Would Your Dream Marriage Proposal Be?

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Cliche as it may be getting engaged is one of the life events that a lot of girls most look forward to. With wedding season in full effect I know many of us can't help but have our minds wander towards all things wedding, that includes and begins with the engagement. There’s something so romantic about hearing Mr Right utter those four little words - will you marry me? There are so many beautiful ways your man can pop the question - some traditional and others not quite so traditional. If you were getting engaged, how would you want your beau to ask you to be his wife?

Cute Gift Ideas That Are The Perfect Way To Say ‘Congratulations!’

champers.jpgWhether your closest girlfriend has just gotten a promotion or your sister has just announced she’s engaged, you will want to celebrate. When it comes to buying gifts, it can sometimes be a struggle to find the right thing. I know there have been plenty of times when I’ve struggled to find a present that says exactly, what I want it to.

To give you some inspiration for the perfect congratulations gift, I thought I would share a few tips and ideas with you.

Seven Amazing Things You Have To See When You Visit Malaysia 

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If you are thinking of visiting the beautiful country of Malaysia, then there are some things that you just can't miss. Check out my guide below to make sure you get the best break possible.

Did you realise that Malaysia is made up of the Malaysian peninsula and part of the neighboring island of Borneo? Make sure you account for this in your planning and work out how you will get to others if you are in one of them.

Essential Things You Must Not Forget To Put In Your Hand Luggage

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Packing your hand luggage can be a nightmare as there are a lot of things that you need access to while you are at the airport and on the flight. Here are some essential things you must not forget to put in your hand luggage.

Does He Deserve A Little Treat? Here’s How To Make The Man In Your Life’s Day!

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When it comes to gifts, I’m not the first to say it and I won’t be the last, men have it easy. All it takes to put a smile on our faces is a beautiful bunch of flowers and a box of our favourite chocolates. It might be a cliche but what woman doesn’t like receiving flowers and chocolates? The thing about buying for men, even your partner who you know inside out, is that it can be a real struggle to get it right. If the man in your life is in need of a little treat, you might be struggling to know what to get him. To help you find a gift that’s guaranteed to put a smile on his face, here’s what you need to do.

How To Plan A Flawless Dinner Party With Ease

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There are hundreds of reasons why you might be hosting a dinner party. It might be a relatives birthday or family reunion. You may just want to revamp your life and socialise with friends more. Whatever the reason, it’s no secret that dinner parties are hard work and sometimes stressful. With multiple things that could go wrong and so many people to please, it’s no wonder that many people are put off hosting them. But it is possible to host a flawless dinner party if you plan ahead and get organised. So if you want to host a dinner party but don’t want to feel stressed or anxious, use this guide to help.

Don't Forget These Essentials In Your Bag For A Night Out!

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As summer approaches, we are now entering party season. It means plenty of brilliant and boozy nights out with our friends. Once you look fantastic, you need to get your clutch ready so that you have everything you need for the night out. Here are some essentials you must remember to pack in your bag.