Dating advice is a dime a dozen. Everywhere you turn you are bombarded with magazines that state they can help you find true love or at least help you find a candidate good enough to date. I know I refer to dating as “the dating world”, but it truly does… View Post

It’s no surprise that I love to travel, my other half loves to travel, and all in all, we are a pretty nomadic bunch. Our travels range from travel by train, plane, and especially by automobile. I believe that driving holidays are truly underrated. And with train prices only skyrocketing… View Post

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I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a tattoo, true story. I may be a bit older than your typical demographic, but there’s something about making such a big decision at this age that leads me to believe that the regrets would be non-existent. I suppose you’d better prepare… View Post

Transitional weather can be quite tricky. Do you find yourself confused and don’t know what to wear with the beginning of a new season? If you’re tired of labelling your wardrobe with outfits specific to each season I can help you try and make sense of the confusion. I’m fairly… View Post

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When I first realised that Uncommon Goods was making the rounds in the blog world I was anxiously awaiting my turn to work with them. I am, and have been a HUGE fan of the Uncommon Goods website for over a decade! There are so many cool gadgets on their site… View Post

Oh darlings, darlings. How are you lovely lot doing nowadays, anyway? As for me, y’know. I’m here, there, and frankly, everywhere. I’ve just come back from a holiday that seemed never ending, and am back with a new found motivation. Before I get carried away in the intro, let’s get… View Post

According to the ONS, average household debt in the United Kingdom has reached £13,000, excluding mortgages, which takes it to record levels. Total unsecured debt in the UK in the three months to the end of September 2016 stood at £349 billion, which also is an all-time high. London has… View Post

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Not so long ago, dining rooms were a staple. In history, they were central to any formal gathering. And, we can all remember that often closed room in our childhood homes. It was the place adults went to talk, eat, and have fun. Often cast out of the fold, we… View Post

As you’re reading this I am probably lounging on a beach somewhere or taking a dip in the pool in a lovely destination. It may be a bit late in the year, but surely you can’t blame me for seizing the chance to have a little bit of fun in… View Post

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