I’m no food blogger. I love food and I’m a blogger, but writing about food and recipes is really not my forte. You may be wondering why in the world I am writing a food post then? Well, the thing is, as a multicultural family different cuisines are always part… View Post

Ever since I can remember I’ve been blessed with a head of beautiful hair. I know it sounds arrogant, but trust me, it’s not. It’s a fact. I had a thick head of hair and as a typical youngster, I thought that my luck would last forever. I was wrong.… View Post

Many people assume that weight loss is a personal journey. They treat it like a lifestyle choice that is to be kept to yourself. You might tell others about it occasionally or flaunt the fat you’ve cut, but it’s a strange thing to assume that you should keep your weight… View Post

With the temperatures getting cooler and the days being shorter I can’t help but want to spend most of my evenings indoors. There’s just something about cosying up indoors with good food, drinks, and entertainment that just makes the transition into the colder seasons that much more bearable. So, what… View Post

Would you like to renovate your bathroom and make some improvements this year? Well, it’s vital that you understand all the costs involved and create an accurate budget. Otherwise, you risk running out of money halfway through the job and leaving your family without a toilet or a means to… View Post

No kitchen is complete without a sink and taps. A lot of the time when we come to redecorate our home, we forget about these essential items, but actually, they can make a huge difference to the look and feel of your home. When it comes to choosing the right… View Post

As part of my simple living journey, I  have been making many changes in my life. One of them is by changing the way that I look at food – what I ingest, how, and why. Vegetables are now the major staple of my diet and with my love for vegetables… View Post

Cruises used to be a type of travel that was mainly used by older people; goodness knows why that is. However, today that is no longer the case – cruises have become a highly popular travel option and one that more and more of us are choosing to take advantage… View Post

Heartbreak is an all-consuming emotion. It envelops you and erroneously leads you to believe you won´t ever be the same again. It fills you with despair and clouds your logic. It´s a shit place to be in quite frankly, and that state of mind doesn´t feel as though it will… View Post

Personal finance is such a personal matter. Some people are so ashamed to speak about their finances that they never get the help they so desperately need. Whilst there are so many blog posts out there all about how to save money in the long run, I´ve written some of them, no… View Post

If you’ve recently decided that it’s time for you to purchase a new watch for yourself or a loved one, you’re probably interested in ensuring that you can attain the highest quality product on the block. Luckily, there are many shopping strategies that you can deploy to find the perfect… View Post

Everyone has a first time. If you are planning on taking your maiden international trip, we’ve got you covered. As with all endeavours, being prepared will lead to a superior experience. Since it’s your first trip out of the country, you want to cover all the bases and limit the… View Post

Get Your Mojo Back After Having Kids If you’ve brought children into the world, you’re blessed. Children give your life meaning, but there’s another side of having children that women are often too guilty to discuss: the changes their bodies experience. Some of these changes go away after pregnancy, but… View Post

Getting out onto the open ocean is the perfect way to spend a relaxing week away. The views are wonderful and there’s nowhere where you can get as much peace and quiet as you can on the ocean. Whether you’re a veteran sailor looking for some new places to explore,… View Post

Many retailers are operating digitally today, understanding the importance of an online presence and the potential customer reach that comes with it. Contrasting to this is the wedding industry, which has maintained a strong offline presence and is continuing to thrive. With brides needing to try on their wedding gowns… View Post

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to fall out of love with their properties. After all, we can all grow tired of looking at the same four walls day after day. Meanwhile, moving home may be the ideal way to start a new life chapter in style. Then again, it needn’t… View Post

Dancing is one of the most empowering exercises that a person can do. It can express all kinds of emotion, it can be fun, and most importantly it gets us moving and burns off necessary calories to keep us fit and healthy. Here is how you can dance yourself healthy… View Post

There’s a lot of dating advice out there that couldn’t be further from reality. The generic, one size fits all advice you read in the glossy mags can seem like a far cry from how things truly work in the real world. With so many self-help dating books on the… View Post