3 Websites That Should Double as Online Dating Sites

Online dating is the way to meet people in the 21st century. With apps conveniently located on the palm of your hand you can browse for a man on the train, whilst you hide in the toilet during the last hour of work, and even as you sit across from someone you are actually on a date with. Hey, planning ahead is a life skill and all that. Anyway, if I were to become single again, I would steer clear from sites I’ve never used before, like the swiping left and right one, and I would steer even clearer from sites I have used in the past, like those that promise you a soulmate. What I would do is post a check to the 3 websites that should double as online dating sites and beg them to take my money. First up would be ….


No. Don’t even think I mean ‘Netflix and chill’. There will be none of that thank you very much. For those of you who are as clueless as I was, ‘Netflix and chill’ is pretty much a euphemism for casual sex. While I’m of the belief that grown folks can ‘Netflix and chill’ if they want, when they want, all they want I would much prefer if you could be matched with people who truly were your kind of people.

Imagine getting a notification letting you know that within 30 miles from you (hey, this is coming from the woman who moved abroad for a man, 30 miles is nothing) there is another soul who also has Master of None, House of Cards, Love, Gypsy, Rita, and Narcos on their ‘watch again’ list?! Yas, yas, yaaaas! Now that would be someone I could bond with.

Something tells me that the guy who I would match this would be as weird as me and really want to ‘Netflix and chill’ for the sake of watching some good tele and discussing our views afterwards. If I hadn’t already found true love, I would jump on that subscription option like, yesterday!

Just Eat

Er, what goes hand in hand with really following ‘Netflix and chill’ to a tee? Having some grub. Another brilliant app that should pair you up with fellow foodies is Just Eat. I’m a Just Eat gal, sometimes a Hungry House gal, but not yet an Uber Eats person. That comes down to my hometown not adopting the service yet. Whatever, Just Eat is just fine if you ask me.

Imagine finding that person who has hit up all of your favourite curry houses and kebabs. Instead of a sad and lonely dinner maybe, just maybe 2 could become 1 and dine in introverted take out eating bliss.


Another favourite of mine, and another website where I keep it 100% real is YouTube. From vlog watching, to snooping on others home decor, to AK mind control and other conspiracy theories my YouTube account is a real and honest reflection of the kind of weird s**t I am into. Imagine finding someone who is as apt at wasting hours watching all of the related videos on the sidebar as you? Yes, please. Of course, there are videos that virtually everyone has watched, so I think I’ll just sit back and give YouTube the chance to figure out a matching algorithm and then introduce it to the masses.

Ok, those websites may not offer you the chance to find someone to date, but wouldn’t it be nice if they did? Tell me, which of those sites would you most like to see offer a dating site option, I really would love to know! Meanwhile, here are some dating sites that actually exist – Cumbria dating site, Devon dating site, Cardiff dating site, Cheshire dating site, Cornwall dating site. Enjoy!

  • Love these! It would definitely help my chances of finding love if I knew what was on their Netflix list x

  • Mellissa Williams

    Haha yes I totally agree with you! Would be perfect to meet ‘The One’ based on their Netflix watch list lol

  • Mummy Times Two

    I love this idea, it would certainly be interesting to see what the results were.

  • Love the idea of a Just Eat or YouTube based dating service! I am sure it would be popular.

  • Erin Ek Rush

    Genius idea really! With Netflix you would not only be matched with someone with the same tastes, you would also have something to talk about right away!

  • freddy friday

    lol, i get close with my boyfriend because both of us love game of thrones xD

  • Haha might I also add Linked In and Instagram to that list. Just Eat and Netflix would be awesome as dating sites LOL. Food, dates and movies/tv what’s not to love x

  • Ayesha Farhad

    Haha this is such a fun post! Netflix should be a dating site! I mean why wouldn’t you date a person who watches the same series as you, right?

  • kitty kaos

    This is such a fun post I think that etsy would be awesome like being able to browse someone so buy list haha x

  • Louise

    This reminds me of meeting my husband when he moved in with me he brought his video bag round and we had practically the same films lol 😍

  • haha these sound ike a brilliant idea, I am sure they would be very popular

  • Hehehe this made me literally chuckle out loud! Also what a great idea, and think of the different product placement opportunities!

  • OMG! This made me laugh so much! The Netflix idea is genius! You have got to pitch this to them!