The Beginners Guide To The Supermarket Reduced Aisle

Contrary to popular belief there’s a massive difference between being savvy with your money and being cheap. Being savvy entails thought, planning, and knowing what to purchase and at what time to purchase it. There is a greater reason for one being financially savvy – to stay debt free, become debt free, or even just to know how to get the best price for a product. Being cheap is normally a combination of unhealthy learned behaviours about money, and the irrational fear of being without.

The world of personal finance can be a complicated affair, which is why it’s important to keep it simple. It can be especially difficult to get started on the journey of being savvy about your finances. Not knowing where to begin and what changes to make to begin your journey to healthy personal finance is a reason for many people feeling stuck in the position they are in. 

If you’re having difficulty knowing when to start, consider starting at the most basic place – the supermarket. If you shop for food, the chances that you have seen supermarket offers are high. From BOGO offers to yellow stickers there are always offers to be had. Unfortunately, many of us get drawn in to the offer without knowing if it’s a good deal. Today I want to share with you a brilliant infographic to help get you on your way – the beginners guide to the supermarket reduced aisle. 

The Beginners Guide To The Supermarket Reduced Aisle

Courtesy of: Quid Corner

Were any of these tips ones that you knew? I tend to think I am quite savvy, but there’s always room to learn more. If you have any tips to add don’t hesitate to include them in the comments below!
  • Sarah L

    This is SO helpful! I often shop in the reduced isle. I find bulk buying when things are offer saves me a lot of money! Meal planning also helps and buying the reduced items saves me a lot too! It’s handy to know the times that supermarkets reduce there products! Thank you for sharing.

    • Buying bulk and meal planning has changed the game for me! I often buy meats and fish that are reduced and freeze them and it works great. I have a cupboard for my bulk items and it’s fab to know that it’s full of great products (that one would need anyway) at a discount price!

  • So helpful, I rarely ever look at the reduced sections on the food aisles but I really should now x

  • Thanks for sharing these great tips! Will have to look at the reduced section more x

  • KGR

    I always checked the reduce section and you are completely right about looking at the original price to the reduced price as there is sometimes very little in price. I never knew about looking in the world food aisle tho x

    • The world food aisle tip was news to me. Now as I tend to shop that aisle anyway I have noticed a difference in price. x

  • I always check these sections! So many people need to take note of these tips, sometimes the aisles can be a little busy! xo

  • Jennifer Eastwell

    I love this post! I have noticed recently when I go into Sainsburys their reductions are really stingy! But now I know what time to go 😉

    • Thanks, Jen! I have noticed the same too, and it’s always useful to know the perfect times to go.

  • Sarah D

    great post – I have had some fab bargains in my time – Morrisons is always good near me

    • Yes! Morrissons is always great at discounts, I used to live within 5 mins walk from one an so far that’s where I have picked up the best deals.

  • fashion-mommy

    That is a great infographic, especially the info about times for reductions.

  • Ah this is such a helpful post, I always wondered about all the times for reductions. I tend to go in M&S about half an hour before closing and a lot is reduced! xo