When Casual Meets High Fashion: Sports Luxe 101

When Casual Meets High Fashion: Sports Luxe 101

One of the wonderful things about fashion is that trends can arise from pretty much anywhere. Style is all about experimentation – that’s what makes it quite so versatile. Sometimes, the most unexpected style hybrids end up becoming the most popular – filtering down from designer runways into high street stores. One such style is the recently coined ‘sports luxe,’ which garnered a fair amount of attention towards the end of last year. You wouldn’t normally think that activewear would be something you could wear outside of the gym, but this trend proved that all wrong by mixing sport with glamour. Plus, it’s one of the comfiest looks to hit our malls in a long time, which can only be a good thing for the lazy fashionistas among us! Here are some easy ways you can bring the sports luxe look to your closet.

Track Pants

Think of track pants or jogging bottoms, and you probably think of the kind of loose trousers you wear around the house – you probably wouldn’t even dream of actually LEAVING the house in such attire. But thanks to sports luxe, track pants have become an integral part of many women’s wardrobes. The first thing to do is to choose the right type of pant – opt for anything with a skinny fit, or at least something which tapers at the end. This gives a much more tailored look, which is the vital difference between a  lounge wear style and something you could wear outside of the home. Bonus points if the pants have stripes down the side, as this truly creates a sporty 90’s vibe (think Mel C from the Spice Girls).


No sporty style would be complete without appropriate footwear, and if there was ever a  time to wear comfortable shoes, it’s with the sports luxe trend. But just because the shoe is comfortable, doesn’t mean you have to don an old pair of shabby sneakers. The whole point of this look is that there is an air of luxury and sophistication to it  – therefore you should look at getting something like a pair of Adidas Originals, as not only are they classic and fresh, they will last you forever too.


The sports luxe trend gives you the opportunity to play around with a variety of different shirt options. Remember that the key to nailing this vibe is to take inspiration from gym wear – not actually to wear anything you’d work out in. With that in mind, you can look for anything that looks remotely urban. Try pairing your sports luxe trousers with a black mesh top, or with an edgy slogan sweater.


The key to nailing sports luxe regarding accessories is to keep things minimal. Avoid anything too delicate or feminine, such as pearl earrings or diamonds. Hoop earrings are a workable type of jewelry you can easily mix with a more sporty look, and you could also take advantage of the recent choker trend too. A simple shopper-style bag is both practical and something that compliments the overall look without being too feminine.

What are you sports luxe must haves?

  • I love how Adidas trainers have come back into fashion – they’ve always been my absolute favourites, and the only ones I’ll wear. x

  • My biggest sports fashion lux is my fitbit, I literally could not without it. Plus I wear vans a lot and they’re a bit more like sneakers than I would normally wear x

  • It is always so weird but good to see brands come back – Ellesse Fila and Addidas and they come back better than ever x

  • I like such combinations. The Adidas trainers have become some sort of a classic nowadays 🙂

  • Cute trainers are my go to for a relaxed luxe look. I also love big earrings and a tote bag

  • This is literally me! I love the comfy look but one that doesn’t look too casual! My favs are always some skinny jeans, converses and a cute tee! I love the idea of tailored joggers as this makes it feel more edgy

  • I love love love trainers! I wear them all the time and instead of feeling bummy they make me feel very hypebeast and fashionable.

  • Loving the trainers -and this is coming from a non – trainer type of person! But I would actually wear them. I love that the more relaxed – Mel C kinda wear is in fashion – Thanks for sharing.

  • Ali Rost

    I’m so glad Adidas are back in style. They were my favorites way back when! Thanks so much for your post .. it made me smile and remember