Digital Photography 101 – Getting Started with Digital Photography

With the warmer weather finally on the not too distant horizon (it better be!), now is the time when we start thinking about what clothes to start getting out for the end of winter and what day trips or holidays we’d like to take this Spring and Summer.

Suddenly, as the days get longer and the sun rises and sets later, the daily drag of routine may not seem quite as bad. And if there’s one thing I can definitively say about the UK, it’s that the sunny outdoors, whether it be our countryside, cities or coastline, is simply gorgeous. Wherever you find yourself, there is stunning greenery in front of you or somewhere around the corner.

Taking photos is something just about everyone does in 2018, and not just when we are out and about. Gone are the days when, except for the real enthusiasts, the camera would only come on a special occasion. We’ve long since gone the digital photography route, and for the better in my view.

But how much do we really know about using the amazing technology we have at our fingertips to the best of its ability? And actually, how hard is it to learn a few tips and tricks to make our snaps into not just something to remember a moment by, but something to admire?

Since most of us respond better to images, I have a great infographic from Backdrop Store to help us remember those digital camera essentials needed to capture the moment perfectly. Pin it or bookmark it so you can refer to it anytime!

in collaboration with Backdrop Store