Herbies American Diner

Herbies American Diner

It’s been ages since I’ve documented my outings and what better way to start the new year than by getting back into the swing of things. As former Cambridge residents we are quite familiar with its offerings and on our most recent visit to the city we finally popped in to the very unassuming Herbies American Diner for a family brunch.

Situated on the quite un-glamourous A14 between Huntingdon and Cambridge, this diner surely doesn’t entice you by it’s exterior, but the promise of a hearty American diner meal is more than enough to make you pull over.

It’s a bit difficult to see inside the restaurant whilst you drive by which made us quite unsure of what to expect. To be able to truly get an idea of what you are going to get you need to make it through doors. Once we popped in we were very pleasantly surprised at how accurate the decor really was. I felt as though I was back on American soil!

The entire menu was so tempting. It took us longer to decide what we wanted to eat than to get the food on our table. The food came out quite quickly, but since there were so many of us they tucked right in before I could even take a quick snapshot of their plates! I did manage to photograph 2 of the meals that came out – divine!

Herbies American Diner

Herbies American Diner

Herbies American Diner

After perusing the menu for almost 10 minutes I made up my mind and decided on a hot dog called The Mexican. This delicious hot dog comes topped with salsa, jalapenos (both of which I asked for on the side), sour cream, and guacamole. I was surprised at just how good the hot dog was! The ingredients were so fresh and the hot dog sausage itself was so tasty and moist.

One of the little ones (the foodie twin) asked for a Pancake Breakfast (from the main menu). Which came with a sausage, bacon, eggs, and 2 pancakes with a side of maple syrup. The portions were very hearty and left us more than ready to not have another bite until dinner.

Our other family members opted for The Big Boy (which is pretty much an English breakfast), the BBQ chicken (which was quite similar to a hunters chicken that you can get at the pub). The non foodie twin ate the chicken strips from the kids menu, which is quite a good value.

All in all the experience was quite authentic. If only all of the food had followed suit it would all have been so much better. The authentic American dishes like the burgers, hot dogs, and pancakes were so good. The English dishes with American names were just as good in quality but a bit disappointing to see them on the menu. I suppose it makes business sense to cater to the locals.

Overall, I would visit again to sink my teeth into a hot dog or burger . This place is worth a visit! Even if just to taste the most delicious milkshake that I have had on English soil.

What would you want to sink your teeth into at Herbie’s American Diner?

  • Ohh I love a good American diner and this sounds fab. Mich x

  • Sarah Bella

    Gosh the food sounds amazing! Especially the hot dog which is something I would LOVE to try! Good to hear the portion sizes are hearty! It sounds like a lovely place to eat! Ahh, I’m hungry now, haha. xx

  • I love a good old American Diner. I usually go for a nice big burger, fries and a strawberry shake. Jo x

  • I adore the USA and have visited many times. An American diner is a great place for a hotdog or burger. Love the look fo this one and those milkshakes especially!

  • Amy

    I love American diners and that hotdog looks delish!! ox

  • Sometimes I have to drive from Devon to Lincolnshire and by the time I’m near Huntingdon I’m tired, hungry and ready for a break. I’ll have to see if the diner is close enough to my route to make a detour. It sounds perfect for recharging the batteries.

  • Oh my gosh this looks AMAZING!! I LOVE American Diners! We have a similar style one nearby. That milkshake looks amazing

  • I love American Diners, but the nearest one to my home is horrendous. This looks pretty decent.

  • As a graphic designer, the first photo got me – I like their menu design. Ans the food sounds very delicious too 🙂