How To Get That Perfect Summer Tan #ReadySetGlow

How To Get That Perfect Tan #ReadySetGlow

The sun has been out in the UK and for the first time this year my legs have been bared. I’ve caught more sun on my face and arms than any other part of my body, and I am now an odd combination of white and pasty legged creature with olive arms and a slightly tanned face. It’s not a good sight. My summer holiday may still be a few months away, but I don’t like not being prepared for when the odd sunny day will strike. There’s nothing like always being ready so you don’t have to let a minute of the glorious sunny weather go to waste. If like me, you want to stay ready instead of get ready here are my tips on how to get that perfect summer tan and be prepared to #ReadySetGlow with these tips from Ellisons and St. Tropez, which you can find here

How To Get That Perfect Summer Tan #ReadySetGlow

What Tan To Choose

There are a multitude of tanning products out there, and each of them can serve a different purpose. A gradual tanning mousse or lotion are great options. With a gradual tanning lotion all you need to do is apply the product on the week or weeks leading to your holiday for that perfect shade and glow. A professional salon spray tan can be the right choice if you are unsure of what formula and what shade to choose yourself. On top of that, it will be a nice little treat to get your holiday started on the right foot.

How To Get Even Colour

One of the worst things you can have is streaky tan. Dare I say it, it may even be worse than sporting a pasty look. A streak free tan is not that difficult to achieve if you stick to a few ground rules. Exfoliate before you tan! I’ve seen patchy, blotchy tans before and that’s not a pretty sight. Exfoliating helps buff away all the dead skin and leaves a clean slate for your tan to be applied onto. Moisturising is also a must do – nobody wants a patchy tan or a streaky one because of neglecting the areas that tend to get driest like the elbows, knees, and feet. Investing in a mitt applicator also makes the entire process go much smoother – pun intended!

Staying Tan

The key to keeping your tan intact is to moisturise. The drier your skin is the faster your tan will fade, so ensuring you lather yourself in your favourite body lotion is the way to ensure the length of your tan. Another quick tip you can consider is to opt for cold showers to keep your tan in place for longer. In-shower tan options are such an easy and quick way to make sure you won’t forget to top up your tan. Another brilliant product is the new self tan express face sheet mask from St. Tropez to pop in your suitcase and have on hand to top up your tan on holiday or at home for that daily glow.

The biggest tip to remember though is to always apply sunscreen! Not only will it be a key to keeping your tan looking great and not fading, but it does wonders for protecting your skin and ensuring that it is healthy and looks good not only now, but in also in the future.

How do you keep your tan looking pristine?

  • bloggingastrid

    I never knew what use tanning products are good for, let alone which to choose. Thanks for enlightening me.

  • All I tend to do is use body cream or after sun to stop myself from peeling. I’ve never used fake tan before to be honest x

  • Kate Veggie Desserts

    I need to take on board your tips and tan my pasty legs!

  • Kara

    I have very pale skin and find that even fake tan does not work on me. I swear by lots of suncream to keep me from burning

  • Lukeosaurus And Me

    I’m pale but having tried fake tanning before, I’ve found it doesn’t work for me. I don’t think I’m good enough and to fair, I’m also quite lazy so don’t end up keeping up with it. I would love to look beautifully tanned all the time though.

  • Rachel George

    I am a fortunate person who doesn’t seem to burn and who goes a nice golden shade but no more. I do use Factor 50 if I am out in the sun though.

  • Nayna Kanabar

    Its great to look tanned with summer cloths but I think one must take care to moisturise and use suncream to protect your skin.

  • Helen Clark

    I’m a huge fake tan fan. I love the tanning mousses, as long as I moisturise religiously it can last a week before needing re-doing. Definitely agree on exfoliating before applying and a layer of moisturiser on elbows and knees stops darker patches.