July 2016 Favourites

It’s been a very long time since I have written a favourites post, but I thought that now was as good a time as any to resurrect a blogger favourite. This month my favourites have been all across the board – ranging from apps to beauty. Take a look at what I have been loving this month!

Best Fiends 
The Best Fiends app is a game that I came across from watching one of my favourite vloggers (Gabbie of velvetgh0st) share it as one of her favourites last month (or maybe even the month before). I’ve been playing this game for the best part of the month and I love it. The game is reminiscent of popular favourites like Candy Crush, but quite frankly, it’s much better. It’s highly addicting, and each level presents a challenge that can only be undertaken by the special gifts of one a team of fiends working together. You pick your team, face the challenge, and battle the slugs to gain victory. 
Seletti Smartravel Bags
We went on a month long holiday to visit family in the US last month, and when you are away that long you need to really work on your organisational skills to ensure that you have all you may need with you at all times. I have two of the Seletti Smartravel Bags – one for my electronics and one for medicines, and they were so great to have on this holiday. Each bag is brightly coloured and easy to identify within your suitcase and items.
The medicine bag is orange with a pill design on the front, making it fool proof to identify. One of the things that I really like about it is that not only does it have a velcro closure, on top of that it has a zipper to ensure that small pills or even liquids don’t fall out or spill in transit. Nothing extra special about it, but it’s a fantastic practical little product. Tough wearing, and handy, what more could you want. 
The electronic travel bag is bright yellow, and has a ‘power’ button logo on the front which I thought was quite a neat way to see that all things electronic are in that bag. It’s also padded, which ensures that everything is protected. You’d be surprised at how much fits in this bag! I had my camera, tripod, a couple of chargers and USB cables, a Kindle, and there was still a bit of space left for a few more bits. 
YT Club Tripod
Something I have been loving for longer than a month is my YT Club Tripod, created by fellow blogger/vlogger Veena V. This tripod is really a little wonder! It is flexible, adaptable, adjustable, and very compact. I literally take it with me everywhere I go, as it fits in my camera bag and handbag, or sometimes I just leave it in the car. This tripod is perfect for vlogging, but at the moment I use it for photography. You can mount your mobile phone on it – whatever the size, or even use it with your camera. I have mounted both my point and shoot and my FujiFilm X-70,  and have had great results with all 3! 

Bullet Journaling
Bullet Journals can be so many things, but the easiest way for me to understand them is a pen and paper approach to keeping your life organised. Sure, the term bullet journal was created as more of a minimalist ideal, where bullet points (that little dot next to whatever item you are adding to a list) are the main star, but they have evolved as a way to merge artistic expression with organisation. There is an entire community of people who are as fascinated by this concept as I am, and even though I have only begun my own journal a few short days ago, I have been reading so much about them and am really using the time that I spent organising my journal as some theraputic ‘me’ time as well as a way to keep all that is going on in my life in order.

Antipodes Grace Gentle Cream Cleanser
My face took quite a beating when I was on holiday as it was very exposed to the sun most of the time. I’ll admit, it was quite difficult to follow my routine. I washed my face with stronger cleansers so often that the oil production went a bit haywire. Now that things are back to normal I have had to really work at getting my face back to the state it was previously in, and I have been loving using the Antipodes Grace Gentle Cream Cleanser. It is creamy, and gentle enough, but it has been giving my face a well needed pamper and even though it hasn’t sorted out the excess in oil production, I love the way it leaves my skin feeling moisturised to the max.

The Living and the Dead
I’m usually not one for period dramas, but BBC 1’s The Living and the Dead has completely gripped me. Set in Somerset in 1894 the 6 episode series follows Nathan and Charlotte Appleby as they return from living life as London professionals to take over the family farm after Nathan’s mum passes away. I don’t want to give anything away, but if you are interested in the supernatural and want more than just a cheap and jumpy fright this is definitely something you need to watch before it leaves the iPlayer. It is truly a programme that delves deeper into just the living and the dead – it is complex, gripping, sad, eerie, full of love, joy, and the complexity of life and death.

So, there you have it, my July favourites. What have you been loving this month? Is there anything on my list that you are also loving, or anything that I should know about? As always, let me know in the comments or on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram
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