Like Love Loathe // NO 003

Like Love Loathe // NO 003 - My Dreamality

Another week has come and gone and it’s time for another installment of Like, Love, Loathe. After tweaking with the format I have come to the conclusion that Sunday nights are the best night to share the weekly round-up. Grab a cuppa, run a bath, and let’s delve into what was great this week, and not so much.


I talked about Beauty and the Beast and my love for the original film in my Like, Love, Loathe No 002 postI had been looking forward to watching the film on opening night, but since my other half required a little bit of a push it took a couple of weeks to see it. There has been so much positive feedback from fellow Disney lovers in the blogosphere, but I just can’t say I feel the same. I’ll be writing a more detailed critique/review this coming week, but for now this one falls solidly in the “like” category – maybe a second watch will shift it onto the “love” part of this list. We’ll see.

Another thing I am really into right now is following home interior accounts on Instagram – I’m @mydreamality if you wanna pop on over. I have always been home interiors everything obsessed, but thus is life that one can’t always have that picture perfect home. So … I’ve just been swooning on those that do. I can sit there for what seems to be ages just scrolling like mad. It got to the point that before Spring as I was at the height of my seasonal blues I felt so sad about my home and got stuck in the compare game. Thankfully, I’m balanced yet again and am really enjoying seeing their homes. You gotta take things like that with a pinch of salt as you never know what people’s personal circumstances are. For now, I keep gawking at those picture perfect homes and double tapping those that make me smile.


There were so many things to love this week, in particular the beginning of my birthday month! I am all Aries through and through. With my birthday just around the corner, Spring seemingly having finally arrived, our anniversary, and with a busy travel schedule the month of April is full of exciting things. To begin the birthday celebrations we went away for the weekend to none other than the beautiful city of Edinburgh! It was my first time there, and my other half hadn’t been since he was a kid so it was fascinating to experience 24 hours in Edinburgh.


Life is great? What’s to loathe? Honestly though, there’s always something one can have a little moan about. I’m having a bit of a first world crisis – a hair crisis. It’s so banal that it’s laughable, but I’m having a bit of a hair situation. What colour should I embrace? Should I cut it? Should I keep growing it? Help! I need a little bit of hair advice from you beauty babes.

What has been on your like, love, loathe list this week? Do share in the comments below. 

  • I love spring too and yay to it being your birthday month as well. I can’t wait to see Beauty and The Best but I look forward to reading your review x

  • I’m interested to read your full critique on the movie and your like/dislikes about it. It sounds like April will be a fab month for you, and starting it off with a trip to Edinburgh is fantastic.

  • C Kennedy

    Edinburgh is great. I’ve only been once – during the Fringe festival on a hen do. I’d love to go back though, it’s a wonderful city. What a way to kick off your birthday celebrations. Hope you have an amazing birthday x

  • Rhiannon-Skye Boden

    Edinburgh sounds lovely, I’m there for a three week internship in the summer and it will be my first ever time!

  • I’m with you on the hair issue- I’m exactly the same… colour it.. cut it? shave it and stat from scratch? lol

  • lisa prince

    i have to agree with you for the hair i think its because of the winter weather , a change of refreshing shampoo for the summer and plenty of sun will help its process coming up x

  • I am so excited, I’m going to see beauty and the beast tonight! I’m loving the Spring weather and the sunshine x

    • I’d love to know what you thought! I do too, it’s a lovely season. x

  • Melanie Williams

    Love your like, love, loathe post such a great idea. For me im waiting for that sun lol 🙂 x

    • If you want to join in and if there is interest I may turn it into a link up. Let me know. Oh the ever elusive sun! LOL! xx

  • This is a great idea to do. I really want to see Beauty and the beast but go no one to see it with. I want to visit Edinburgh. xx

    • If there is a film I really want to see I go alone. It’s a nice little self care ritual. Edinburgh is absolutely stunning. x

  • I’m going through a little hair crisis as well. I can’t decide what colour to go and so tempted to chop is all off! x

    • I am SO tempted to chop it all off too! Though there is a stylist in Manchester who does some beautiful work and it just looks stunning on long hair. Her IG is @manchester_mermaid. x

  • Unsigned, Emmie

    I love the idea of a post like this and wondered if it’s something I could maybe replicate on my site? I am not actually interested in Beauty and The Beast at all tbh LOL Logan was a different sotry though!

    Emmie xo

    • Logan was amazing! So unlike what one expects from any X-Men films. This actually used to be a link up and the lovely Rebecca at Futures, who used to run it, gave me the green light to turn it into a link up so if there is enough interest maybe it would be a fun thing to do. x

  • Madeeha

    Love your post. I am also going through hair crisis at the moment. And TBH i feel the same about the Beauty and the Beast. I cant say that I love this movie. But it was good.

    • Thanks! The film was a solid “Like” from me, but it just can’t sway to the “love it” category and I can’t really put my finger on why.

  • Donna

    Love Edinburgh, wish I was going back there soon! I think when it comes to hair if you aren’t sure don’t do anything!

  • What a great name for a series! I am totally with you on browsing home interiors on instagram. I can literally spend hours scrolling through pictures with serious home envy!

  • francesca

    Awesome that you went to edinburgh for your birthday I so want to visit!!!

  • Hayley

    Ahh Edinburgh is one of my favourite cities, I need to go back soon!

  • Hannah Latoya Bond

    I went to see Beauty And The Beast, I wasn’t fussed on Emma Watson playing Belle x

  • I have to say I am one of the lovers of Beauty and the Beast, so I hope you enjoy it more on the second view. As for hair, I am in the same boat. I have spent ages going blonde…. and now I don’t know if I am loving it! x

  • Shannon Ritchie

    I haven’t seen Beauty and the Beast yet but like you I have heard so many Disney fans hype it up! I’ll have to watch it and see how I feel!

  • Hungry_Healthy_Happy

    I am hoping to go to Edinburgh for my burthday too. It looks like a beautiful city.

  • Melanie Edjourian

    I bet Edinburgh was fantastic although maybe a bit rushed in 24 hrs? I’m not sure how much there is there to see and do.

  • Harriet @ Toby&Roo

    We’ve just come home from Edinburgh, we had such a fab time!

  • fashion-mommy

    Still not seen Beauty and the Beast, hubby may take some persuading.

  • With Love, Lottie

    I absolutely loved beauty and the beast! I’d really like to visit Edinburgh. It looks like a fantastic city.

  • GlamourGlitterGloss

    I haven’t seen Beauty and the Beast yet, my family went to see it without me. I was gutted! I’m moving at the end of the year and when that draws closer I’ll definitely be all over the Home Interiors accounts! I need to get my haircut, I haven’t had it done in 3 years

  • oh I have not seen beauty and the beast yet but have heard mixed reviews so am going to have to go and see for myself

  • I have seen beauty and the beast and I have to say that i liked it , I would like to viist Edinburgh too