Oh darlings, darlings. How are you lovely lot doing nowadays, anyway? As for me, y’know. I’m here, there, and frankly, everywhere. I’ve just come back from a holiday that seemed never ending, and am back with a new found motivation. Before I get carried away in the intro, let’s get right into it and delve deep into the 5th instalment of Like, Love, Loathe.


I am really liking my work life at the moment. Being away on holiday and having the flexibility to not have to depend on someone else for time off has helped me solidify even more that I want the “laptop lifestyle” that others speak of. My aim is to be a full-time blogger with a full-time blogger income to show for it, and live more along those terms. I have so many professional aspirations that I can’t wait to bring to fruition and I’m in a really good headspace at the moment where I feel that with hard work and a little dash of luck it can all be achieved.


Oh, life has been quite nice as of late, so what’s not to like? We spent 10 sun soaked days on our family holiday in the Costa del Sol, and it was such a necessary break. We had so much fun and made lots of memories! We stayed with family, but we also booked a holiday within a holiday I suppose and stayed at a beach side resort. That was the most fun part of our holiday and I can’t wait to catch up with all of the work commitments that I came home to and share with you a bit more about our holiday as well as so many of the travel posts that I am way behind on. And I call myself a travel blogger. Yeah, what a disgrace.


I hate to complain, I really do. But, I find it necessary to sometimes have a little moan. Don’t you? C’mon, you know you do. It’s human nature and all that. There have been lots to gripe about this week, from train strikes to random nonsense, but let’s just keep it limited to 2 bits this go round. Anyway, I have been back from holiday for a little under a week and I am already completely fed up with the weather in the UK. Like, seriously fed up. It’s rainy, windy, and the worst bit of it is that it’s getting dark earlier and earlier. Aside from the fact that you couldn’t get further away from the weather we had whilst we were in Spain, this is a time of year I have been finding more and more difficult the longer I spend in the UK. It’s can be so depressing and it just isn’t agreeing with me anymore. It’s a shame really because I love this country, but as they say, there’s a silver lining and all that. One that I’m hoping to soon find.

Another little gripe I wanted to have with you lot is the one of being a mummy blogger. How in the world do you guys make it happen?! I have a few weeks with the kids and I can’t find the time to post an Instagram photo (“Yaya, what are you doing, I wanna see … “) or write a post (“Why are you working, we’re on holiday. Come on, let’s play”) or anything else blog related. My theory is that because our kids don’t live with us full time, they try to squeeze the quality of every minute that we have together, which is why I don’t mind in the least putting myself and my blog on the backburner for them. What I do want to know though, is how do you full-time mummy’s who are also bloggers find the balance? Inquiring minds want to know.

That’s a little bit of what I’ve been liking, loving, and loathing this week. What’s on your like, love, loathe list? Let me know in the comments or tweet me!

  • The weather has gone horrible hasn’t it, it’s such a shame. But yay for loving your work life and having had an amazing time on holiday.

  • Laura Dove

    I am so with you on moaning about the weather! It’s freezing!! August was such a wash out and now September is crappy too! Glad you’re enjoying work right now. xx

  • Elodie

    I’m coming back to the UK for a fleeting visit after three months in the South of France and I’m dreading the weather! Ha! So I guess on my like list would be being back “home” with my family for the summer, love would be my upcoming trip to South Korea and loath would be the weather. I almost don’t want to come back now… Ha!

  • Hannah Latoya Bond

    Your holiday sounds great. I went to the Costa Del Sol earlier this year

  • Super Busy Mum

    You holiday sounds like it was amazing! I’ve never been to Costa Del Sol – but it’s on my list!

  • Joanna

    Your holiday sounds amazing i can see why you loved it. It’s also great that you are liking work and I can agree with u about the weather

  • Melanie

    Like my social life, loving blogging loathing the rain pours :)x

  • Aw I hope that your dream of becoming a full time blogger comes true for you. Fingers and toes crossed x

  • I have just came back from Costa del Sol as well and I want to go back, the weather in the UK is very depressing. I want to be back in 30 degrees and sunshine every day.

  • Amy Deverson

    The weather here is really getting me down too. I have just come back from 3 months in South East Asia so am really struggling to enjoy the weather 🙁

  • Laura

    The weather here is rubbish at the moment isn’t it, more so than usual I feel? It has really got me down too, hope it means I enjoy our October break even more.

  • Stephanie

    I’m so glad that you had a lovely holiday in the sunshine! We’ve just got
    Back too! xxx

  • Delighted to hear that you had a great holiday. We too went to Costa Brava for a family holiday and it was quite the experience!

  • Baby Isabella

    Sounds likel a lovely trip to Costa del Sol. My mummy finds it hard to be a mummy blogger, working full time and doing the house chores too. It’s a fine balancing act and blogging takes up the spare moments when I’m in bed x

  • Elena Stevkovska

    I am glad that you had a lovely trip to Costa del Sol, I mean what is there not to like 🙂

  • I feel the same about the UK weather – it’s so depressing at the moment! x

  • Afshan

    Great post, yes I agree need to travel more. Been liking having time to myself and loving being with my family. I am loathing the weather though! LOL.

  • Louise Smith

    I’m not at all jealous that you’ve been away to the Costa del Sol! LOL. I’m so glad you had a great time though 🙂

    Louise x