My Travel Wishlist for Taking in the Winter Sun

My Travel Wishlist for Taking in the Winter Sun
Christmas, or at least the festive period, is a special time of year for a lot of people. Whether you celebrate a religious holiday, or you just enjoy some time off work, it’s a great time to relax. You can spend time with family or friends, or just get some time to yourself if that’s what you need. However, doing the same thing every year can get boring. You either stay at home or go somewhere you can get a bit more snow. I love my Christmases with my family, but I always miss the sun when the dreary British weather hits. Winter in the sun is much more preferable to me, so here are some of my top locations.


The ultimate sunny winter destination that everyone thinks of is Australia. They do everything upside-down over there, which means that it’s the middle of summer on Christmas Day. It has to be one of the best places to spend Christmas or perhaps New Year’s Eve. Instead of turkey with all the trimmings, they often have a barbecue with plenty of cold side dishes. If it’s sunny enough to have your Christmas meal on the beach, then you might as well do it. You could go for a swim in the ocean afterwards or enjoy the great outdoors however you like. People love being outside and staying fit in Australia, and summer is the perfect time to do it.


Thailand is another popular destination with a lot of people. One of the reasons that I find it so fascinating is that there’s such a wide range of landscapes. One minute you could be in the busy city of Bangkok, and then you could be on your way to a remote island. I think if I were to spend winter in Thailand, I’d pick the islands over a more urban environment. I could lounge on the beach, rent a kayak or go snorkelling to explore everything. But before travelling to Thailand, I’d need to take a trip to the London Travel Clinic. I would need to make sure my vaccinations are up to date. You have to ensure that you’re protected against things like hepatitis A, and maybe even take antimalarials.

My Travel Wishlist for Taking in the Winter Sun


I couldn’t leave my beloved Mexico off the list of places to spend the winter. The problem is, there are so many places that I love, I don’t know where I could recommend the most! I’ve written about some of the places I would like to visit before on my Wanderlust Wishlist. They range from cities to beach resorts and historical sites. There’s so much to see and do, and you can get some great weather in December. In fact, if you don’t like it too hot then it’s the better time to go. For example, the temperature averages about 24 degrees Celsius in Cancun during December. I know lots of people who think that’s a perfect temperature!


Mexico has beaches on the Caribbean Sea, but if you want to get right into it, there are lots of islands to choose from. It’s difficult to pick just one of them, but I suppose you can’t beat the Bahamas. November and December are ideal times to go when you can be a beach bum and relax to your heart’s content. But it would also be the perfect place if I was looking for a party. I hear that there’s also an incredible nightlife at some of the resorts. Plus, you can see some great nature, including turtles, and colourful birds.


All of these other places are pretty far away, and I live in the UK. Much of Europe is a no-go area in winter if you’re looking for sun. Even though there’s some debate about whether Cyprus counts as Europe, it is a closer place for me to catch some rays. The Mediterranean island has quite mild weather in December. So I wouldn’t be sizzling hot if I visited. But there’s still plenty of sun, which is great to cheer you up if you have the winter blues. Paphos looks beautiful, so I wouldn’t mind spending Christmas there, or at least some of the winter holidays. It also only take a few hours to get there, which is much better than the time it would take to get to Australia or Mexico!

I’m already starting to feel a bit cold as the Autumn weather draws in. A winter vacation in the sun is beginning to sound better and better, don’t you agree?

  • These are some pretty awesome places to get some winter sun, I'd love to go to Thailand for Christmas that would be amazing waking up on a beautiful island!!

    Georgia x

  • I would love to visit the Bahamas this winter, but on my current budget I don't think I'll be making it past Barry Island!