With so many beautiful places to see in North America Toronto is high up on my list of places to visit! Canada is so appealing now that I am in Europe, and thankfully the apathy that Americans feel towards our neighbour up north has worn off on me. That being said, there is no way that… View Post

I’ve shared with you my love for Lee Stafford Electricals on the blog before when I reviewed the Lee Stafford Academy Straightener and the Coco Loco Long Tong. Today I have another product to share with you. I’ve been using the Lee Stafford Electricals Ubuntu Oils Straight & Juicy Irons (£28.99 on Amazon) for about… View Post

Get A Handle On Buying New Sandals for The Spring/Summer Season It’s coming to that time of the year when we put our winter shoes away and get our summer shoes out to play. But when you are hunting for your beloved summer shoes, you might find that your sandals are past their sell-by date.… View Post

If you love watching house renovation programmes and are dying to get your teeth stuck into property makeovers that could make you some money, you may want to consider house flipping. With new tax laws coming into force in the UK next week, flipping – the process of buying a home with the intent of selling… View Post

Creating a bathroom you love doesn’t have to be a challenge. These easy home improvements are sure to help you brighten up your bathroom and enjoy every single day. Whether you repaint your walls or bring in some glass candle holders, it’s easy to lighten up your entire space and renovate for an entirely new… View Post

Life can be difficult sometimes, especially if things don’t always fall into place when you want, or need them to. Often we’re our own worst enemy as we compare ourselves to our friends, family and loved ones, focusing on what we haven’t got instead of being thankful for what we do have. It’s sometimes easier… View Post

Most people have times in their lives when money is extremely tight. You have to live paycheck to paycheck until things improve, or perhaps you just have a month or two when things are tough. It can cause you a lot of stress and worry, especially if you find that during some months, you’re at… View Post

As a family that travels quite often we have learnt many tricks of the trade when it comes to making our trips more enjoyable and affordable. Despite having mastered some aspects of travel the one that always gets us is accommodation. Many times one just needs a room to sleep in after a busy day out, and… View Post