*sponsored post Today is the day that I rewind the clock a little bit and finally go back to telling you how it is that we ended up in Spain for the winter. Up to now, all I’ve shared with you is that we desperately wanted to escape another UK… View Post

Bad habits affect us all. Whether it’s something harmful to our health such as binging on alcohol or something that annoys others like swearing on a regular basis, there are many ways to help you overcome your troubles. To give you some advice, here are a couple of ways to… View Post

What’s not to love about camping? Breathing in the fresh air, spending time with family and exploring the outdoors!  Why not get closer to nature along the way? Gazing at the stars in an inky blue night sky beats a five-star hotel any day. To help you get the most… View Post

I remember my last first date like if it were yesterday. It was summer, I was wearing a black and white dress. The top half was white and bottom half from the waist down was black. It was fitted but not too tight and it hugged the curves in all… View Post

Most of us would live in a stunning mansion given the chance, but realistically even the most hardworking amongst us will probably only ever be able to afford a normal sized or smaller home in our lifetimes. But that’s fine- small can most definitely be beautiful. Whether you’ve got a… View Post

Relationships are hard work. I know that’s not really news, but believe me, that couple that appears to be seemingly living in bliss have probably had their fair share of ups and downs. Is it smug to say that my relationship is one of those that looks so united and… View Post

Sun, sand, and sangrias. What’s not to love about Spain. It’s such a wonderful country in so many ways, and one of those ways is its acceptance of the LGBTQ community. In my Torremolinos travel guide, I shared with you that this town on the Costa del Sol was the… View Post

If you´re recently read my last post sharing a life update you´ll be well aware that we are now residents of the beautiful and seemingly always sunny Costa del Sol. Our life on the Costa is just getting started and even though there is so much to experience the first… View Post

Knowing when to move home is not always easy. Of course, for some people, it is glaringly obvious – they don’t have enough space anymore or their property is falling to pieces. However, in a lot of cases, it can be tough to know when the time is right. If… View Post

Freelancers, part of the gig-economy, self-employed. There are many terms floating around to describe those of us that by choice or by necessity have worked the odd job and the odd hours to make a living. With the increase in those with an entrepreneurial spirit taking the reigns, I wanted to… View Post

There are several advantages of purchasing an engagement ring online. One thing’s for sure, it is going to be very easy and safe to do. You can search through a selection of engagement rings at home without having to worry about the stress of a salesperson bothering you. Plus, you… View Post

Moving to London to study is one of the most challenging things you can do. It’s also one of the most rewarding, but to get to those rewards you need to overcome the stress of living by yourself in an expensive, notoriously unwelcoming and expensive city. Socialise If you grew… View Post

I love the North West of England. It’s been my home away from home and I have such a sweet spot for it. One of the places that I really enjoyed was Bolton. That being said, with Christmas rapidly approaching there’s no better time to start planning what to do.… View Post

Self-care is something that I adamantly advocate. In some cases, self-care can be eating well and ensuring you have some downtime. But there are times in one’s life that one may need help with one’s own care and social care is an integral part of the caring society that we… View Post

Living rooms get a lot of traffic and a lot of use. It’s in these rooms that we chill out in the evenings, watch TV, entertain, and do a wide range of activities each and every day. But, when we get tired of our surroundings and want something a little… View Post

When you think of the Costa del Sol you immediately imagine sun, sea, and surf. With so many beautiful places up and down the coast, it may be a bit difficult to know what location out of the plethora of options to select when planning your holiday, though package holiday companies… View Post

Decorating your home is something that’s incredibly personal because, after all, your home is the place you go to relax, unwind and enjoy time alone or with your family. It should, therefore, be an extension of your personality, reflecting your hobbies and your interests in the most stylish way possible.… View Post