The English love their chips. A couple of nights ago the other half and I met at Prezzo for dinner. We had a nice weekday dinner date, nothing too special about it, just some good food and some good company. While we were waiting for our mains, we couldn’t help but notice the dishes of… View Post

Emma who blogs at is guesting posting on the blog and shares her tips on the top 10 places to find coupons. After the success of the American TV show, Extreme Couponing, more and more people are turning to couponing to save on their grocery shopping. Coupons are becoming more popular in the UK,… View Post

Carino Hair Care £2.39 at Aldi When it comes to hair, I change my colour pretty often. It’s fun to experiment with new looks, and I’ve been doing it since I was a teen. I must admit, my hair is pretty damaged now, which is why I wanted to go for a dark colour as… View Post

Living in Cambridge has many perks, one of them is the proximity to the beautiful University of Cambridge campus. For years I spent quite a lot of time there. When you see a place thriving with the hustle and bustle it is pretty amazing. On the other hand being able to spend time gallivanting about… View Post

Making money online using survey sites may be new to you, it once was to me too. I vaguely recall, over 10 years ago a friend of mine mentioning the option to make money online via survey sites. If you are looking for an option to make a bit of extra cash you should consider… View Post