I used to be quite the cynic. Especially when it came to getting advice from those who had more life experience than I did. I thought that any and all relationship and dating advice was a cliche, and dismissed it. The thing is, if you would have known me 8… View Post

Online dating is the way to meet people in the 21st century. With apps conveniently located on the palm of your hand you can browse for a man on the train, whilst you hide in the toilet during the last hour of work, and even as you sit across from… View Post

My like, love, loathe series is a project of passion. It’s not a post that is on my editorial calendar nor is it one that has been commissioned or is assigned. I write it when I feel it, and today I wanted to reclaim it. There are things that are… View Post

Everything in interiors fascinates me. I love matching fabrics and colours and styles and eras and bringing them all together to create a unique style that is representative of our personality and taste. Looking around our flat I tend to see a pattern of colours that we seem to be… View Post

Smoking. I’ve realised it’s a habit of extremes. Some people will proudly light up while others are ashamed of a habit that they know is not good for their health. It’s bad actually, really, really bad. But despite knowing the facts about smoking many people still do it – even… View Post

Choosing an engagement ring is the start of a life-long relationship. Hence, it can be said that it is one of the most important decisions of your life. It is important that you choose the ring that signifies your partner’s personality because it will be the most important piece of… View Post

Samuel Joseph Bespoke Wrist Watch Review and Giveaway Watches are kinda my thing. I have given my other half several during the course of our relationship and I think I’ll never stop gifting them. There’s something practical, elegant, and masculine about seeing a man with a good timepiece. I don’t… View Post

The dating world has recently been piquing my interest. No, my relationship isn’t in turmoil, quite the opposite actually. It’s just that having people around me in the dating world is making me evermore curious to see that though the circumstances may be different when dating in your 50’s there… View Post

I recently wrote a post about some brilliant alternatives to diamond jewelry and engagement rings. The post has gotten some great comments from you lovely lot, and one of the things that I learnt is that there are a lot of you ladies out there who are single, and I… View Post

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“Your mind is a garden, your thoughts are seeds. You can grow flowers or you can grow weeds.” Summer feels like it has finally reached our beautiful British Isles. Depending on when you read this that may or may not be true. It may not last for long, and we… View Post

There are certain times in a relationship when it is appropriate to give her jewellery. Some are the typical dates on the calendar, whilst other times may be on occasions you may not expect. As with everything I share with you, nothing is set in stone and it is all… View Post

The sun has been out in the UK and for the first time this year my legs have been bared. I’ve caught more sun on my face and arms than any other part of my body, and I am now an odd combination of white and pasty legged creature with… View Post

People always say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. I’ve always been partial to them because aside from suiting my simple style they are also my birthstone. They are always considered the best stone to have in your jewelry but why are they so much better than any other… View Post

Dating Tips for Over 50’s from Someone Over 50 The other day I was having a chat with one of my nearest and dearest all about dating. I’m not on the market, but the lady that I was having the conversation with is. As a divorced lady of a certain… View Post

My journey towards achieving more with less is constantly evolving. Trying to make it with less money, less clutter, and less possessions is a never ending game and challenge, but one that can be easily achieved. One of the dilemmas that I am currently resolving bit by bit is the… View Post

IBS. The topic is quite an un-glamorous one, but if you suffer from it and are travelling, well it can be one that is important to consider. Bloating, gas, stomach cramps, and the like aren’t the symptoms you want to experience at any time, let alone whilst on holiday. If… View Post

Love, some have it, many yearn for it, but how do we get it. There are many ways to find “the one“. Some of us find love in your typical locations, and some of us opt for online dating. The latter has many options, ranging from adult dating sites to… View Post