When it comes to getting their home just right, most people think in terms that are too big. They think the colour scheme or the big furniture will make their house stand out from the rest. To be sure, taking the time to think about the broader style of each room will result in a… View Post

Wherever you decide to visit in Turkey, you’re certainly never going to get bored. A country with immense religious, social, and political history, it isn’t surprising that their cities are so popular with tourists. And despite recent warnings, many tourists still visit to walk the streets, smell the delicious spices, and experience its bewitching, beautiful… View Post

Most people think that minimalism is just about clean, airy white spaces, with a well-placed ornament or two. But actually, while it does encompass these design ideas, it not only that. In fact, minimalism is more of philosophy that can be applied to any and all areas of your life, with some surprising benefits. Read… View Post

We are just a few days away from celebrating Mother’s Day here in the UK. The day, also known as Mothering Sunday, is a day to celebrate all mama’s and mother figures. I, for one, am really excited to be able to spend part of Mother’s Day with my darling little ones. As you may… View Post

When it comes to home decor, there are a million and one decisions that need to be made. What colour to paint the walls? What floor coverings to go for? What style of the furniture, or decorative items would look best? However regardless of your taste or style, there’s one thing that you should always… View Post

Life can be overwhelming, but having a calm and serene place to retire to at the end of each day can help to keep you in check emotionally. You can’t escape today’s hectic modern lifestyle, but you can create a home that nurtures you and allows you to recuperate when things get stressful. Here’s how… View Post

Home is the most important place in the world. It’s where we connect with our family and loved ones. A place where we can recover from the stresses that life throws our way, and the place where we should feel at our happiest and most secure. To live a life brimming with positivity, a home… View Post

There’s been a bit of a brush mania recently on the blog! I’ve been loving sharing with you some of my favourite new makeup brush additions. I want to add to that these gorgeous rose gold and black beauties. You may have seen the “toothbrush” brushes before, aptly named because of their peculiar shape, but… View Post