Rosegal Wishlist


After my last fashion post on my experience with I became more intrigued with offerings there might be online for plus size clothing. So much so that after browsing different websites and being made aware of I have decided to make a Rosegal wishlist and have my readers help me choose some items from the site.

Shopping online can be quite daunting. Many a time you don’t know if the items that you want to get your hands on are the going to be the exact items that you will actually hold in your hands one day. lers. I have heard many horror stories about shopping online and how the items that have been ordered are nothing like the ones that have been received both in shape, colours, and even the actual style.

That uncertainty can become magnified if you are plus size and are dealing with the different fits and sizes offered from different online retailers. Which is why I thought it would be perfect to have you help me choose items from my wishlist before placing an order. 

The variety on was quite impressive. I suppose you can say that my style of dress is quite simple, and as someone who prefers to have staple pieces in my wardrobe I was really impressed at the finds.

It would be great to have you help me pick out some of the items by letting me know what your favourites from my wishlist are. I even threw some accessories in there for good measure. I will be selecting those items that are your favourites. Once you help me with my picks we can then find out together if the Rosegal offerings are worth it.

UPDATE: Rosegal have offered My Dreamality readers a discount code for any order placed between 10th – 20th of November for their 11.11 Global Shopping Festival. Use code ROSEGALMYDREAMALITY at checkout.

  • I have to admit I’ve not head of Rosegal before, but I love your choices and so I shall definitely be heading over to have a nose! x

  • Oh I have not heard of these before, I love the denim shirt dress. I may just have to go and have a nosey now.

  • I like the slogan tee and the bag – very cute. I love slogan tees x

  • The cat bag is so cute! I love little bags like this, so unique! I also love the slogan tee!

  • Oooooh I haven’t heard of this before but I need that cat bag xx

  • Looove the bag! so cute, it looks like a little cat 🙂

  • OMG that mac and those brushes are absolutely GORGEOUS! I’m not surprised they’re on your wishlist! xxx

  • Dannii

    Oh wow, I love that black bags. I can never have too many black bags in my opinion.

  • I’ve not heard of this brand before, but it looks like they stock some lovely things.

  • The cat bag is amazing! I love anything cat related! You have some great choices there and the mac looks really smart.

  • Oh wow this is a gorgeous wishlist, I love those brushes!

  • nice choices, not my style, but everyone is individual and has thier own opinions. I have not heard of Rosegal before 🙂

  • Great picks in your wishlist – I love the cat bag x

  • I’ve never actually heard of the brand, a lovely wishlist, you made some great picks x

  • Those brushes and the t-shirt look amazing!! Love the picks!

  • Hannah

    That bag is the cutest thing – I need one in my life!!

  • Really love the black off the shoulder top, I am actually going to purchase that for my xmas outfit.
    The brushes are cute, love the colour

  • The rumours I have heard about Rosegal has not been impressive I must say and also I had a bad experience myself even before I ordered

  • I haven’t heard of Rosegal either, but it sounds amazing! I really love the denim dress, however my favourite thing ever is the bag that looks like a cat! Too cute for words xx

  • Mel

    Never heard of Rosegal before. Love your wish list, especially the cat bag: it’s so cute!

  • Not heard of the brand before, but the cat bag looks amazing!

  • I love the denim long sleeved dress that you picked out! Such a great casual dress to wear throughout the year!

  • Those brushes are absolutely love those brushes. Denim dress would look fab for AW16

  • They seem to have some great items here. I love the black off the shoulder top, very pretty 😉

  • Wow I love everything the blue jacket looks so cute I want one lol… I love the purse too i’ts so adorable!!

    Thanks for sharing this wishlist, I have been wanting to do my holiday wish list but it’s so long lol…