The Do’s and Dont’s of Your First Home

Getting started in your own home can be a big challenge. Living away from friends and parents can mean that you are taking a lot of stuff into your own hands, things that previously you may not have known the first thing about. The time to move away from home can come at different times to all of us. For me, it was shortly after I turned 18. Now that I have a sister that is the same age I was when I moved out I thought it was the perfect time to share some basic do’s and dont’s of living alone. 


DO – Make sure that everything is secure both when you enter and leave your property. Lock the door after you enter and leave each time to ensure that it becomes habit to do so. Look into security companies (for instance, research a review of Frontpoint) to guide you over what you may not already know. They are there to help you.

DON’Tleave your valuables on display or in obvious places (burglars head straight to bedrooms). Try not to leave a spare key hanging around the outside of the house – if needs be, leave it with a neighbour that you can trust or a friend or family member. Your insurance claim may be affected if your provider finds out that thieves haven’t broken into your property, per say, but have instead accessed it with the key to the front door.


DO Take your time and think about what style or theme you want to stick to when decorating your house. It takes a long time to get a house decorated from top to bottom – stick to something that you know you won’t be sick of or change your mind with too quickly.

DON’TBuy brand new of everything. Shop around a bit and be frugal with your money – you may find that there will be a better use for your spending once your utility bills come through for the first time. Living alone can be expensive, so now is not the time to be proud unless you can really afford it.


DO – Invest in a freezer so that you can save any leftovers that you may have. You could even think about batch cooking your meals so that you always have something to go to when you don’t feel like cooking and won’t waste anything that you cook.

DON’T – buy your food for the week without checking the use-by dates first. It’s also worth remembering that you probably won’t eat every single bit of what you have got – will any of it save, like rice or pasta? Can any meat or vegetables go into the freezer to be used at a later date to save you throwing it out?

These are only a few of the things that need to be fully taken into consideration before venturing out and getting a place of your own. It takes a lot to upkeep a successful house, but only a squidge more to make it into a perfect home for yourself. Don’t let the hard work that goes into it distract you – it will all work like clockwork after a couple of months. You’ve just got to get through those months first.

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  • I have to say a freezer was a must have for me – I batch cook most weekends x

  • Great thinking about the food- I always go overboard in buying stuff and forget to check the useby date!

  • I’m renting at the moment but I can’t see myself buying new everything when I move. You’re right to suggest shopping around. Imagine how much it would cost to fully furnish a place up front with all brand new products!

  • Lynne Harper

    Great post and some great tips for newbies to the world of either renting or buying, will be sure to share with my son before he heads for Uni. Especially like the food bit as I do this lots xx

  • Dannii

    I definitely agree about not buying brand new everything. You can pick up some great bargains if you take the time to look.

  • These are great tips for those who are moving out into their own homes for the first time and may not have thought about these types of things before doing so. I think having a freezer for extras is fantastic advice as is not rushing out and buying everything decor immediately and brand new. Take your time and shop for bargains and even second hand.

  • Lots of great ideas, especially for someone like me who is saving for my first home. I do our food shopping now though and I’m always checking the use by dates, cooking in bulk and then freezing the left overs! xxx

  • I can attest that these tips are very helpful. Moving into your first home is very exciting but can definitely be overwhelming, too. Thanks for sharing and I shall pass them on!

  • I think that buying food that is made to last i.e. cans is great when you first move in because then you don’t have to worry about dates.

  • Great post this will be definitely be useful for those moving out for the first time. I always get into the habit of locking my front door when I get home and msking sure its locked when I go out. The food one is a great tip we try snd batch cook but our freezer is pretty small.

  • hannah

    Some great tips here. Having a freezer is a really good idea too x

  • Wow some great tips! I wish i had seen this when lived alone x

  • I am in my first home and we’re now coming up to 3 years! Agree on so much… decorating we did our main room first then have slowly chipped away at the rest.

  • I’m lucky to have a pretty decent sized freezer in my flat but I do admit I did buy almost everything new. I was moving into a 2 bedroom brand new flat which I knew I’d be in for a long time although I’ve done projects like tiling, new carpets, wallpapering etc scattered each year x

  • Great post. We are hoping to buy our first home soon!

  • Great tips for anyone moving into their own home, totally agree on the freezer, batch cooking or freezing down left overs for a dinner another day is a must for me, as I am always thankful for them those days I just can not cook x

  • great tips, we’ve always lived in the same house but a huge freezer would be great for us, we just don’t have space x

  • Rachel

    Great post! I don’t think I could live without the freezer, so handy! xo

  • Very good read! As I’m in the first apartment I owe, I agree with all of these tips 🙂

  • Such a great post! We do a lot of batch cooking in our house and it saves so much time and money xx

  • Laura H

    It’s definitely good to plan your home decorations. Redecorating is very expensive so going for something classic that you’ll like in a few years is essential!

  • Great tips. I bought a nice big freezer for our house as there are 5 of us. I freeze some foods to reduce waste where I can.

  • Kristina Maggiora

    Really good tips. I never leave spare keys around outside, I would rather get locked out and wait for a family member to come rescue me haah

  • These are some great tips, especially not buying everything brand new xx