The Power of Scent in Interiors A Review of Eco-Chic Scent Brand Pairfum

The Power of Scent in Interiors A Review of Eco-Chic Scent Brand Pairfum

The power of scent in interiors is undeniable. Scent can invoke memories, it can energise you, relax you, and transport you elsewhere. Scent is such a powerful thing, and aside from having a prominent role on our dressing tables more often than not it plays a prominent role in our home. A lovely smelling home can project a certain aura and it also says a lot about the environment in a household and the people living within it. Scent has a way of enhancing the decor scheme of a home, but it also has a way of diminishing it.

I’ve been working on my home and ensuring that it gives off the vibe that I want it to give – clean, cosy, and clutter free. A new addition to my home has been a wonderful reed diffuser from boutique brand Pairfum in the scent Innocent Vanilla. I know what you may be thinking, vanilla in spring? To this I say, yes, vanilla in spring. We’ll get to the nitty gritty of the product itself in a bit because I really want to share my review with you, but before we do that, and just as importantly, I want to share a little bit more about the company and brand itself and why it is that they do which makes them quite special.

The Power of Scent in Interiors A Review of Eco-Chic Scent Brand Pairfum

What is Pairfum?

Pairfum is a boutique perfumery house developed by husband and wife duo Huib Maat and Josephine McCarthy. Their love of perfumery has led them to develop natural home fragrances, organic skincare, and natural eau de parfums.

What makes Pairfum special?

The thing that really grabbed my attention about Pairfum was their “Luxury with a Conscience” motto. In my simple living journey I am not above enjoying luxury, not at all. My specific journey is more about being intentional with my choices and my purchases.

What Pairfum offers is aptly defined as “Eco-chique”. I never once thought that those two words could co-exist, and certainly not that they could complement each other as they do. If there is an eco-chic movement I want to take part! By sticking to their “Luxury with a Conscience” ideals Pairfum has created a range of luxury scents that not only are British made but also follow a strict code of ethics.

Their Products are Natural

Within the range you will find that all of their products are derived of 100% natural formulations. Surprisingly, in their industry a product can claim the “natural” seal of approval if it contains at least 20% natural formulations! It’s wonderful to find a brand that doesn’t cut corners and doesn’t mislabel themselves all to appeal to the market. Their “natural” label has also been earned by being fully biodegradable, non carcinogenic, and by using essential oils.

Renewable and Home Compostable

The packaging can be composted at home and is 100% biodegradable thanks to the use of plant based inks and water based varnishes and glue. If you’re a home composter you can expect to see the product biodegrades within 6-12 months. The natural ingredients used are sourced from sustainably managed sources, like farms and forests.

The Power of Scent in Interiors A Review of Eco-Chic Scent Brand Pairfum

Pairfum Innocent Vanilla Large Bell Reed Diffuser Review


The vanilla scent is delicate yet strong enough for you to smell it. It’s delicate, and not overpowering. I tend dislike vanilla scents when they aren’t done properly as they can be sickly sweet, but this one is not at all in that category. You can adjust the strength of the scent by changing the amount of reed diffusers you insert into the jar.


The packaging is smart and is perfect for a gift. Use gift bag with some tissue paper for the element of surprise, and you’ll be set. I love the neutral yet classy design of the box as it’s versatile to gift to someone whose taste you aren’t 100% sure of.


The design of the large bell reed diffuser is neutral and can fit any decor. I like the clear glass bottle, and the sleek black reed diffusers. Another thing I really like is that there is no tacky labels on the bottle. You’ll find a delicate black band with Pairfum written on it in subtle white letter. I happen to like it, but if you prefer no labels you can easily get rid of it.


The RRP of the Large Reed Bell Diffuser is £37.50. It may sound as it can be on the higher end of many people’s budgets, but considering that this is a luxury product, the ethos of the brand, and that it will last you approximately 6-9 months it’s a worthwhile investment. The one time price tag can scare some off but think of it this way – even if the diffuser lasts 6 months it’s like paying £6.25/month, and if you manage to get it to last up to 9 months it translates to only £4.16 a month!

I am quite conscious about what I spend on, and I will definitely be repurchasing refills for this diffuser in other scents once I run out. Have you heard of Pairfum, what are your favourite scents for interiors?

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  • Ali

    I love having a beautifully scented home, how great that this one lasts for so long, a definite worthwhile investment.

  • Elodie

    Scents can really change the atmosphere. Plus, diffusers are also a real decorative piece sometimes so I don’t mind splurging a bit more knowing this is both eco-friendly AND beautiful! My only worry would be the vanilla scent – I’m much more of a light floral kind of girl. Time to see what else they have!

  • I still live at home and I’m not allowed candles (my mum is super paranoid that I will burn the house down), so things like this are great for me!

  • Louise Smith

    I love having a beautifully scented home.I haven’t heard of this brand before, but I’ll definitely be checking them out as they sound fantastic 🙂

    Louise x

  • I love vanilla so will happily have vanilla anytime around my house. I love diffusers and although I do love my candles, I have started opting for diffusers more and more x

  • Gareth Torrance

    We love scented things, but haven’t tried these yet. Will have to give them a go!

  • The vanilla diffuser sounds lush and it has been a while since I treated myself to something for the home x

  • I have to admit I do love a good diffuser and the vanilla one sounds amazing, perhaps I’ll have to treat myself.

  • Natasha Mairs

    I love the smell of vanilla. I have only ever used 2 diffuses. one just smells of alcohol but the other is a citrus one and it still smell lovely after 5 months.

  • Deborah Nicholas

    I have this too and it is well worth the costs – its the best room scent ive ever tried!

  • I really like the bottle – I love using those kind of room scent and you can’t beat a good vanilla one. xx

  • Nayna Kanabar

    Nice products and very pleasing to look at but quite pricy too.

    • Normally they are, but if you are buying the right products then the price is completely justified. Take a look at my breakdown of cost and you’ll see how affordable it truly is.

  • Renna Creighton

    I like to have reed diffusers around the house too. They create just the right scent. I love the design of them too. Thanks for sharing.

  • Laura

    Oh this is right up my street- luxury with a conscience is the perfect notion to buy into xxx

  • Mummy Times Two

    Will definitely check this out, I love vanilla scents.

  • Melanie Williams

    I will be looking into this, love home interiors and this would be perfect for me 😉 x

  • I’m obsessed with having a nice smelling house, so always have diffusers and candles around – will have to check these ones out x

    • You totally should check them out, they are lush!

  • Emma

    I love diffusers and candles, I have a toddler, two dogs and three cats so as you can imagine it like to have the house smelling as fresh as possible! Will have to have a look at these ones x

  • Melanie Edjourian

    I love the scent of this. It really does look great plus it’s natural!!!! I think it’s worth the money for those that appreciate good quality and are health conscious 😉

    • You can’t beat the quality of their products and the eco factor!

  • There’s nothing better than walking into your home and it smelling fantastic! Thinking about it, it’s amazing how much smell changes your perspective on a place. Great to see that it biodegrades so quickly, and from sustainable sources too.

  • Hungry_Healthy_Happy

    I love diffusers. I have a vanilla one that I just love.

  • Angela Milnes

    Absolutely looks a nice product and I want to have this too I bet my hubby would love this too

  • francesca

    I am loving this brand!!! My god they do look luxury! I love that its natural too!

  • This looks just stunning! I love the bell shape of the glass bottle as it is really classy.
    Whilst the initial price would put someone off, the monthly breakdown means it is more than affordable for a luxury brand!

    • Yes! Sometimes one has to truly illustrate the value of a product this fantastic. It’s a great price for a luxury brand. x

  • Wow that looks great in your place! I would love to purchase this for my place. I love a good smelling home!

  • i love how its biodegradable! also vanilla is my favourite scent so i love smelling it any time of the year

  • Baby Isabella

    The bell reed diffusers look beautiful and we wouldn’t mind that on our table at home. Totally agree that scents invoke memories and we love that is brand is British and eco friendly x

  • I like the look of this diffuser. It sounds very nice. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  • Charlotte

    Love how their products are natural. I am not a fan of vanilla fragrances but I will look into their other scents.

    • I’m not usually a big vanilla fan, but the scent is so subtle it’s lovely. Their other scents are also great so have a look. 🙂 x