The Red Lion Pub in Grantchester, Cambridge

It’s no news that Cambridge as a whole has quite the reputation for being quite posh, but one of the poshest areas is the village of Grantchester. Grantchester is quite impressive – it is said to have the world’s highest concentration of Nobel Prize winners. We had heard about The Red Lion Pub before, and we wanted to see if it was up to the standards of one of the most exclusive areas in the city.
The Red Lion is a gorgeous looking pub nestled in Grantchester very close to the River Cam. When we pulled up we were greeted by a lovely exterior and thankfully, a big car park.  A thatched roof is something that I consider quite an English feature, and seeing this beautiful building made me eager to step in.
On the inside this pub is quite modern, and inviting, and was certainly a lovely place to have a nice and quiet mid-week lunch.
We had a lovely lunch consisting of a couple of quite traditional dishes – bubble and squeak, and fish and chips. We had never had bubble and squeak and weren’t quite sure what we were going to get, but were quite pleased when we saw a quite un-intimidating croquette come to our table.
Bubble and squeak is made up of leftover vegetables from a roast. I doubt that is precisely how it’s made in a restaurant but it had a very home cooked taste to it. Served alongside was a fried duck egg, and deliciously crispy bacon. Accompanying it was some black pudding  (which is basically a concoction made from pig’s blood and oatmeal), which I couldn’t brave up to taste.
I had an old favourite – fish and chips. The fish was battered thoroughly, but the batter was thin enough to be able to let the taste of the fish penetrate the palate. My serving of chips was also tasty, and the portion was good. I wasn’t too impressed with the taste or quantity of the mushy peas.
The most delicious part of the meal was definitely the dessert. We decided to share a sticky toffee pudding, and that was by far the best sticky toffee pudding either of us have had!
While the meal was a nice one, and the atmosphere nice, I definitely think that if I do return to The Red Lion it will be for a nice drink and another sticky toffee pudding, but not much else.
  • OMG This pub looks beautiful! My village pub closed down a few years ago and hasn't reopened yet 🙁

  • I love love love fish and chips. Mushy peas NSM.