When To Give Jewellery In A Relationship?

When To Give Jewellery In A Relationship?

There are certain times in a relationship when it is appropriate to give her jewellery. Some are the typical dates on the calendar, whilst other times may be on occasions you may not expect. As with everything I share with you, nothing is set in stone and it is all just meant to give you some ideas to consider. When to give jewellery in a relationship? Here are a few of the most memorable times. 

The first time is on Valentine’s Day

This is as long as it is at least six months into the relationship. In this case, it is a good idea to give your special lady a pair of diamond studs, a gold or silver locket, or even a simple necklace with a gemstone.

The second time is on her birthday

It is always a good idea to give your lady a piece of jewellery on her birthday. But you should probably buy her a synthetic stone until you have been dating for more than a year. This is because you are not going to want to spend a lot of money if you do not know if the relationship is going to last or not.

The third time is when you are wanting to get engaged

For each relationship, this is going to be different depending on how ready each person is to settle down. But, you will need to make sure that you have had a conversation together about getting married before you decide to give her a ring. You do not want to pay a lot of money for an engagement ring and your lady to say that she does not want to marry you. Simon West Fine Jewellery sells diamond engagement rings in Melbourne so make sure to check out their collection.

The fourth time is on your wedding day

This is when the bride and the groom are going to exchange rings as a symbol of their love and commitment to one another. You can also exchange gifts with each other like a small locket or necklace. You do not want to spend a lot of money on this gift because you are probably going to spend a lot of money on the wedding bands.

The fifth time is on your anniversary

This could be a dating or a wedding anniversary. You could be a couple that is committed to each other but you are not planning on getting married anytime soon but your dating anniversary is a good time to give her a piece of jewellery that is going to mean a lot to her. This might be a ring in her favourite colour or her birthstone so you know it is something that she is going to cherish for years to come.

For a wedding anniversary, jewellery as a gift is always a great idea. It depends on how long you have been married to decide what type of gift that you should give your spouse. On the 5th wedding anniversary, it is usually traditional for the wife to give her husband something that is made of wood and then the husband would give his wife a piece of jewellery.

The sixth time is when she brings your new baby into this world

This is a great way to show her that you are there to support her in everything that she had to go through in order to get that baby here safely. Of course, if this is your fourth or more child, then a gift might not really be necessary but it is a must if it is your first. This is a great way to show her that she and the baby mean a lot to you. Most of the time, the new dad will give the mom a piece of jewellery that has the baby’s birthstone on it. Plus, it is something that she can pass on to the baby once the baby gets older.

Of course, any time is a great time to give your significant other a significant piece of jewellery to commemorate an occasion that is special to you both.

  • This is an interesting guide on when the gift jewellery. I wouldn’t expect some diamond studs on valentine’s day but hey, why not? Jewellery is a nice gift of love.

  • Mummy Times Two

    A lovely post. I think the right time is when it’s right for that individual couple though. My OH gave me a necklace in our first Christmas together and I have worn it every day for the last five years.

  • This is a lovely post, I’ve never really thought about when you should give jewellery I may have to leave this open as a hint to the other half.

  • Rebecca

    Great post. I’m single so treated myself to a milk diamond ring when my youngest son was born!

  • Melanie Williams

    Such a cute post with some fab advice for those not in the know of feeling under confident about gifting 🙂 x

  • What a cute post. I’ve been with my other half for about 8 month’s so we’re not quite at the jewellery phase, but I think as long as the item means something and holds value then it’s okay x

  • What a lovely post, I’m single at the moment so tend to treat myself to jewellery when I want to celebrate or remember a special occasion x

  • What a lovely post and guide for men on buying jewellery for their ladies.

  • Angela Milnes

    What a lovely post and I love to experience to receive a jewelry as a gift. Glad you share this

  • Samantha Bye

    My boyfriend caught onto my love of vintage jewellery about a year into our relationship. I got some lovely bits last Christmas and for my birthday!

  • Jenna E Morley

    This is a lovely guide. Jewellery is a great gift idea and quite personal too 🙂

  • Lauretta

    Our men should be reading this post!

  • I’d never thought there would be rules to things like this. I knew of the “rules” for eternity bands but not for anything else. I guess you learn something new everyday!

  • Annie Brooks

    Both my husband and I aren’t ones for jewelry. 10 years together and our only jewelry is wedding and engagement

  • I do love jewelry and my exe always used to bring me some lovely bling. These are lovely suggestions.

  • Baby Isabella

    My mummy never got any jewellery when she had me! I must inform daddy! 😉

  • I loved this piece and agree with timings of many of these purchases. I must also add significant birthdays – ie 30/40/50/65 etc as these are also very special days to make memories and to signify it with a piece of jewellery. I am sad to say I didn’t get anything when I had my twins 20 years ago! I think that needs to be rectifiied soon lol xx

  • what a lovely way to put it, I hope my partner seems this post haha! Been with him for 7 years now

  • Becca Talbot

    I’ve never had any jewelry bought for me by a man before, but I did get a lovely ring for my 21st birthday from my grandma x