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Being a blogger is one of my passions. I love creating something out of nothing, and I also love collaborating with different brands and companies that I then share with you. That being said I would never recommend something that I wouldn’t consider for myself. I was quite pleased when offered me the opportunity to try out some of their products. I have heard many mixed reviews about the website and was keen to have my own experience with Zaful.

What is

Zaful is a fast fashion website that sells all sorts of trendy items. They offer a range of collections and their products vary from shoes, handbags, dresses, tops, bottoms, activewear, and the list goes on. I personally love shopping online, and like the perks that online shops like Zaful offer – such as finding something that you probably won’t see on everyone.

Plus Size Fashion

I’m a plus size girl, and that means that when shopping online the first thing I need to look at is whether or not a shop caters to me. As I check out the Zaful website today, there seems to be a plus size section that wasn’t there when I placed my order. It’s a bit strange that when I placed my order I didn’t see any plus size clothing let alone a plus size clothing section. That is the reason that I opted for purchasing accessories.

If the section was recently added then I would say that I am very glad to see that, and I would really like to try out their plus size range and let you know then what I think about their clothing. Until that day comes though, I am really pleased with my experience and the products thus far.

Check out my picks.

PU Leather Zips Solid Coloured Satchel

PU Leather Zips Solid Color Satchel

This little satchel was what I was most excited about receiving. It is quite reminiscent of my late 90’s high school days and I was so excited to get it. I loved the trend then and I am sure loving it now. This style is more sophisticated and grown up than what I used as a kid and that makes it even more desirable. I love the gold details and the quality of the PU leather. The stiching is of good quality and the bag is really well made. I was very pleasantly surprised with how good the details were seen to and what great quality the bag is. The leather feels and looks quite real and that makes it ooze quailty.

Letter T Bright Black Square Sunglasses Letter T Bright Black Square Sunglasses

I love sunglasses. Considering that I also wear prescription glasses, novelty sunglasses are quite my thing. I loved these and once again the quality is very good. I was expecting cheap light plastic, but these are just right. The tint is a gradient purplish black tint, and the gold details are lovely. On the plus side, they perfectly fit over my prescription glasses. Not very fashionable, but perfect for when I am driving (I need my glasses to drive) and the sun decided to make an appearance.

Oversized Mirror Sunglasses

Oversized Mirrored Sunglasses

The most disappointing item I received were these glasses. They are a total monet. (10 points if you get the reference) The actual frame is quite flimsy and the lenses have already scratched a bit. It’s a real shame as they are really good looking. This is one product that I am not happy with at all, but at only a few quid it wasn’t a great loss.


Plaid Tassel Edge Shawl Wrap Scarf

Plaid Tassel Edge Shawl Wrap Scarf

I’ve ordered scarves from similar online shops before and the quality of the products has been horrendous. Once again Zaful came through with this beautiful tassel edge shawl wrap scarf. The material is so soft and warm against your skin. I also think that the size is perfect and can be used in many versatile ways. As the only clothing item I ordered the experience was a positive one.

Look out for how I styled these items in a future post.

  • I haven’t heard of this site before! You got some great products here.

  • I love that satchel. Glad they’ve added a plus size range now, hope you manage to get some nice bits. Jo x

  • Fab post. Loving the items especially the scarf.

  • I haven’t heard of this website before but I really like the scarf, it looks very warm for winter

  • Jessica McDonnell

    I’ve never heard of Zaful before, but those products look lovely, especially that scarf.

  • Oh wow I havent heard of zaful before but I love their seemingly designer inspired accessories, especially that back pack. I’m looking to buy some new clothes right now so will definitely check out their back pack xxx

    • I’d love to see what your picks are if you do decide to buy yourself some bits. xx

  • I love all the accessories you’ve chosen! Can’t go wrong with a new pair of sunglasses and I love the bag, thinking about getting one myself, or something similar 🙂

  • Love the satchel and the wrap scarf definitely need to check them out.

  • I really love the shawl – I can see it teamed with skinny jeans in autumn x

  • I’ve never heard about Zaful before but it sounds great. Glad to hear that the quality is good! 🙂

  • I love the scarf it looks so pretty, perfect for this time of year. It’s strange that you didn’t see the plus sized section though x

  • A couple of friend bloggers got a few PR goodies from Zaful and I loved them! I love the back pack that you picked! Backpacks are definitely in season and they’re so versatile!

  • nicol

    i’ve heard of them but never ordered from them. its great how you’ve had a positive experience with them

  • I absolutely love that bag! Stylish yet so practical. I haven’t heard of zaful before but I will be giving them a try

  • Love the satchel! We must check out Zaful! Sounds like a treasure trove!

  • Hannah

    I love that first pair of sunglasses, they are so my style x

  • Like many others I hadnt heard of this website before. I love the items you picked out!

  • Wow I haven’t heard of them before but I am loving both the bag and scarf, great choices.