10 Places to Find Coupons Guest Post

10 places to find coupons

Emma who blogs at EmmaDrew.info is guesting posting on the blog and shares her tips on the top 10 places to find coupons.

After the success of the American TV show, Extreme Couponing, more and more people are turning to couponing to save on their grocery shopping. Coupons are becoming more popular in the UK, and whilst we may not be reaching the heights of the American Extreme Couponers, we can certainly save a fair bit. Not to mention the great amount of freebies that you can get from couponing. Using coupons will save you money, but if you can get the item on special offer then sometimes the coupon will cover the entire amount of the item you’re purchasing, making it free. Remember that no one is going to look down on you for using coupons – in fact I often have both the cashier and the person behind me in the line asking where I managed to find coupons. Here are my top 10 places to look for coupons.

10 Places to find coupons

Manufacturer’s websites

When manufacturers are marketing products, they often use coupons as a promotional tool. These are provided on their own website or Facebook page. These could be for money off, or even for a free product.

Email manufacturers asking for coupons 

Sometimes all you need to do is to email a company telling them how much you’d like to try their product and just asking for a coupon. It takes some guts, but I tried this out one afternoon and over the next fortnight I had a handful of coupons arrive through my letterbox.


Supersavvyme offers you a wide range of coupons to print off, and what’s more, you can often choose which store to print your coupon for. There is a limit of two print outs of each coupon. This is my go to place for washing up liquid and fabric conditioner coupons.


Hotukdeals is one of the largest deal websites in the UK, and users not only post coupons, they also let you know where the item is on sale – in some cases you even walk away with the item for free.

In store magazines e.g. Tesco, Waitrose weekender

The Waitrose Weekender had a coupon for a free pint of milk a few months ago, with no “one per transaction” clause, meaning that I got 11 pints of milk for free. Previously they have also offered free bags of crisps. The Tesco magazine (usually at the tills where the bags are kept) also has a selection of coupons for use in store.

Loyalty schemes e.g. Tesco Clubcard, Boots Advantage card, Coop membership card

When you sign up for these schemes, not only do you earn vouchers to spend, you’ll be sent coupons that are relevant to you and what you’ve recently been buying.

Loyalty credit cards e.g. Tesco credit card, M&S credit card

If you sign up for a loyalty credit card like the Tesco or M&S card, you’ll earn cash back on your purchases. The cash back is paid to you in vouchers with monetary value. Be sure to just use the cards for your usual spending, and then pay them off in full every month so that you’re not paying interest.

On actual products

When you are shopping, be sure to look out for any coupons that appear on the item itself, and use them. You may think they’re only relevant for your next shop, or for a later date, but a quick read through the terms will let you know whether it is in date to use on that shopping trip.

At the till – brand match, till spit

A till spit, also known as a catalina, is literally spit out of the till at the end of your transaction. These can be for a certain amount of money off your next shop (usually something like £3 off when you spend £30, etc) or money off items they think you purchase often.


It is worth scouring newspapers for coupons to use – The Mirror often have a £5 off £40 shop in Aldi, alongside other money off certain product coupons.

I hope that you find this list useful. Couponing doesn’t have to take you hours and hours – by incorporating a few of the above steps into your routine you can save money each week on your household shopping.