10 Tips To Stay Safe Whilst Using No String Dating Sites

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It might not be for everyone, but no string dating has definitely gone mainstream in recent years. There was a time when online dating was only really thought of in romantic terms. But in 2018, more and more of us are no longer inhibited from using, and talking about, using an adult dating site, or, even more frankly, a sex dating site.

One size does not fit all in any area of life, does it? Dating and sex are no different. But what’s crucial in my view, is that staying safe, both online and in person becomes priority number one.

Know The Risks

There are many reasons why people choose to use adult and sex dating sites. And going on dates, whether they lead to a sexual relationship or not, is not the sole aim of some. Harassment, abuse and control, among others, are all risks to consider when dating in general and knowing what signs to look for and what to do if you meet someone exhibiting these signs is vital. You might not only be preventing yourself from falling victim to someone’s behaviour but others too.

The Me Too movement has hit the headlines in the last year or so, and I’m definitely a fan and welcome it. It’s given a global profile to all the work that has been put in by so many for so long to raise awareness that abuse must not be tolerated.

Don’t get me wrong here! I’m not advocating against any specific form of dating. Dating, in any format so to speak, can be fruitful if the ingredients are right. And it’s up to the individual to decide what those ingredients should be. Empowerment is the right to decide what one wants, and what one doesn’t want.

10 Tips for Staying Safe 

So here are 10 good start-off tips for staying safe which I think are pretty self-explanatory. You will have to decide if and when you no longer need to follow any of these tips! This depends on your own judgment and how comfortable you feel with the person you’re seeing. There’s are no right or wrong answers here…

  1. Upload your potential date’s profile photo on TinEye, which lets you check where else on the internet the photo has appeared.
  2. Watch for odd language e.g. bad grammar which doesn’t tally with where the person says he/she is from.
  3. Meet up in a public place.
  4. Take public transport or drive yourself to and from your date.
  5. Don’t let the person you’re dating walk you home.
  6. Don’t drink more than you know you should.
  7. Don’t use your social media photos in your dating profile.
  8. Don’t reveal your FULL name.
  9. Don’t reveal who you work for or where you work.
  10. Tell someone you trust where you are going on your date (you can update that person during your date so they know where you are).

Above all, it’s important I think to be positive and make sure that fun is always fun for you, not just what someone else thinks is fun. If you keep this in mind, the good times with no string dating should roll.


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