11 Tips to be a Perfect Motorcycle Rider

Statistics have proved that motorcycles are 27 times riskier than a car but does that stop us from being motorcycle riders? Definitely not. Our love for motorcycles remains undimmed. With facts remaining undeniable, we can make the best efforts to make our motorcycle journeys safe and sound. To become the perfect motorcycle rider is the one and only solution to eradicate the possibilities of an accident.

Motorcycling requires you to take full responsibility for yourself and this necessitates learning the art of anticipation. 

Here are some pointers which may help a rider to be the perfect rider:

Legal Validation

No motorcyclist is allowed to drive without a driving license. In some countries, it is necessary for beginners to undergo a motorcycle safety course. This is necessary as most of the road accidents occur due to reckless driving and neglect of traffic rules. The driving lessons teach the right way to operate on the roads and avoiding the possible risks of ending up in an accident. The course teaches all about the traffic laws, driving basics and advanced level techniques. As a motorcyclist, your legal validation can provide some protection on the road. Without a valid license, you will face the full rigours of the law if you get involved in an accident. Even if the accident was not your fault, the lack of a valid motorcycle license could go against you. In these scenarios, it is important to engage with a motorcycle accident lawyer todefend your case. Therefore, it’s better to have this validation than none at all. It will train you to drive like a pro on the roads.

Choose a motorcycle matching your skill

After figuring out the niche of your riding, get a motorcycle that matches your skill. Determine the specific needs and choose the right motorcycle. The choice gets difficult with so many options available but there is always a bike made for you.

Safety First

Buying a motorcycle is only the beginning. The perfect rider needs a perfect set of riding gear too. The essentials include awesome motorcycle helmetsgloves, boots etc and none of them can be neglected. It is important to consider the cost of gear while making a budget for your motorbike. This fact shouldn’t shockingly come up later after investing in an expensive motorcycle.


No one is a born motorcycle rider. Every person is supposed to brush up their skills before landing to the real challenge. If you are a beginner, start with learning in empty plots. After learning the basics, practice riding on different roads with different weather conditions to test your abilities. Different roads need different traction, lean angles, braking, steering input, and overall smoothness.

Adjusting Controls

This might seem similar to the 4th point, but it is not the case. The right application of control is a skill that needs to be honed. Maybe you ride the motorcycle perfectly, but you may not be using the controls properly. In such a case, the motorcycle may run in a desirable manner, but it won’t last for long. Gradually important parts of the motorcycle start to deteriorate.


The focus is a prerequisite for everything you do, and lack of focus while riding can have devastating repercussions. Make sure you drive with a fresh mind. If you feel your thoughts are drifting your mind, stop your bike immediately. Sit, relax and get your mind on the right track.

motorcycle rider: couple on motorcycle.

The Right Posture

The motorcycle is a dynamic vehicle; body postures create a major difference in the riding experience. This point also has a medical aspect attached to it. The lack of a proper posture can give you backaches and other spinal disorders. This could be a long-term effect.

The Art of Braking

Biking is not about the art of speeding. Being familiar with the brakes is an important biking skill. Practice braking as much as possible. In difficult situations, brakes are life-saving. Go to a safe area, practice stopping in different ways using the rear and front brakes.

motorcycle rider: blue vespa

Riding Different Motorcycles

A perfect rider rides every motorcycle with great ease. Try riding various motorcycles to become a complete motorcyclist. A motorcycle other than your own will help to sharpen your focus and learn the nitty-gritty of biking. 


As a motorcyclist, it is important to have knowledge about the different aspects of biking. Relevant knowledge is important for every rider. You must know about the externalities as well as internalities of your vehicle. It helps you understand the system better and rectify the problematic areas. Along with that, you must know how to do the basic technical stuff. It is helpful in case of an emergency, where it is nearly impossible to call a mechanic.


Perfection is an integrated term. It encapsulates various elements put together. Therefore, Perfecting biking skills isn’t sufficient to make you perfect. Cleaning and maintaining the vehicle is necessary. Cleaning your bike on a routine basis can help you be aware of the overall condition and spot the problems.

Last but not least…

Perfection is a different phenomenon for every person, it’s an individual process. So if you are taking time more than expected, don’t lose hope. Keep up the work, practice and keep growing as a motorcycle rider. We hope that these tips help you become the perfect biker you wish to become.

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