12 Easy Ways You Can Make Your Bedroom More Relaxing

Your bedroom is the most intimate space in your home, so it makes sense for it to be relaxing. But can you honestly say it soothes your soul?

Making your bedroom more relaxing can work wonders for your mental health, not to mention your sleep and energy levels. There’s nothing better than getting into your PJs and feeling utterly content in bed.

This article provides twelve ways to make your bedroom more relaxing with tips from our sleep experts.

Let’s jump in!

12 Easy Ways You Can Make Your Bedroom More Relaxing

Get a super comfy matterss

A mattress you love is worth its weight in gold. Look for a mattress that provides balanced comfort and support so you can switch sleeping positions on the fly – this means a medium or medium-firm feel is best for most people.

Create a water feature

Bedroom water features are the ultimate relaxation hack! Small water fountains and waterfalls relax you with the sound of moving water, helping soothe your soul. You only need a 3-pin socket and a cup of water.

Introduce greenery

Houseplants and bonsai trees are fantastic for relaxation because they make it feel like we aren’t inside. Chrysanthemums, peace lilies, ferns, and bonsais are good options – however, make sure they aren’t toxic to your pets first.

Light up your bed with LED strip lights

You can pick up 10m of LED strip lights for around £30 to transform your bedroom’s ambiance. Stick them to the underside of your bed frame and behind the headboard, and your bedroom will be transformed.

Hang fairy lights

Fairy lights are fantastic for giving your bedroom a relaxing vibe and are more decorative than LED strips. All you need is a 10m pack of fairy lights and some wall hooks (screw type) to hang them off your walls and ceiling.

Diffuse some essential oils

An electric oil diffuser will flood your bedroom with beautiful scents far better than any candle. Whether you diffuse essential or scented oils, aromatherapy relaxes you and turns your bedroom into a sanctuary.

Invest in high-quality bedding

Your bedding plays a critical role in bedroom comfort, with scratchy, fussy bedding only frustrating and annoying. We adore Egyptian cotton bedding because it’s super-soft and warm – avoid polyester and polyethylene.


De-cluttering your bedroom makes it easier to find things and reduces visual distractions, making it more relaxing. Hide underutilised stuff out of the way and stick to the essentials to keep your bedroom neat.

Organise everything

Organising everything brings order to chaos. Here are a few ideas:

  • Get a wardrobe hanger organiser
  • Get an over-door coat hanger or shoe pockets
  • Get stackable storage boxes
  • Get an ottoman bed for hidden storage.

Look for ways to organise things so they are easy to find, and don’t be afraid to get rid of the stuff you no longer need or want.

Maintain an optimal temperature

A temperature of 15.6 to 19.4 C is best. We recommend putting a digital thermostat in your bedroom and using an electric heater and air cooler to adjust the temperature. It’s cheaper to heat your bedroom this way than with central heating.

Use colours you love

Forget what the guides say – the best colours for your bedroom are those you find relaxing, be their yellows, blues, reds, or greys. We only recommend a bright accent colour, so your bedroom always catches the eye.

Drown out ambient noise with white noise

While you can’t control ambient noise, you can drown it out with white noise. Our article on the five best white noise apps has you covered, or you can ask your smart home assistant (e.g., Google Nest, Amazon Echo) to play white noise for you.

As you can see, these tips are quite simple to implement and they will make such a positive effect to help you make your bedroom more relaxing.

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