15 Essential Festival Items That You Need to Pack

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Festival season has arrived and whether you are planning to go to an 80s tribute festival in the countryside, or you’re heading to the Leeds festival, the last thing you want to do is forget something essential. So to make life easier and so that you can go and concentrate on partying, here is a festival essentials checklist to take care of everything you might need:

1. Change of clothes

If you are camping then pack clothes for all weather. It is more than possible that it is hot and sunny one day and torrential rain the next, so make sure you pack for both and the temperatures will drop at night so make sure you have warm clothing to sleep in. If you get caught in the rain you will really appreciate some nice dry clothes to change into – and a towel!

2. Torch

Yes, you can use the torch on your phone if you have one but if you need to get up in the middle of the night, your phone torch might not pick up all of those tent strings you could trip over. So take a lightweight torch for any late night toilet trips.

3. Poncho

You can pick up a waterproof poncho from shops like Primark for about a pound and they are great for keeping you dry if it rains. If you forget to take one then they will cost much more when you buy them at the festival.

4. Your ticket!

5. Wellies

If the weather does what it often does in the UK, then a pair of wellies will be your most treasured possessions for the weekend.

festival items: dress, red wellies, sunglasses

6. Accessories

From fluorescent face-paints to festival style jewellery, make sure you pack your accessories to get into the festival spirit. Leave your favourite Tateossian items and any sentimental jewellery at home though because you don’t want to lose them.

7. Dry shampoo

Showers can be hard to come by at festivals, so you might need the help of some dry shampoo to keep your hair looking good for the photos.

8. Toilet roll

Yes, the portaloos can run out of toilet roll quickly, so don’t get caught short.

9. Phone battery portable charger

The mobile phone charging point (if they have one) is usually the busiest place in the whole festival grounds, so think ahead and take your own personal portable mobile phone battery.

10. Sun lotion

It is better to be optimistic about the weather than getting burnt, so pack some sun lotion.

11. ID

If you are going to a festival with an age restriction then take some form of ID and keep it on you at all times.

12. Bin bags

When you are packing up, hung-over or just tired from dancing away then you will appreciate being able to throw everything into a bin bag to take home. A bin bag also makes a good item to sit on if it has rained! They can even be fashioned into emergency ponchos, so bin bags are the ultimate festival companion!

13. Toiletries

Whilst you might not have access to a shower room, don’t forget your toothbrush and toothpaste, hairbrush, deodorant, and baby wipes also come in useful.

14. Water

You might not have easy access to water, so take plenty with you both for in the day to keep hydrated when you’re dancing and for during the night.

15. Money and belt purse

Unfortunately, festivals can be a prime place for thieves and it is also a place where you can lose your valuables, so investing in a belt purse is a good idea to keep your belongings safe.

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