Self Care – 15 Simple Ways to Pamper Yourself

Sunday nights are usually filled with a lot of dread for many. The thought of enjoying your last few hours of the weekend before going back to work is enough to make anyone fill with anxiety. Even though I am blessed to not have to deal with that emotion anymore, on the whole, I know far too well what it’s like. Sure, self-care isn’t something that should just be set aside for one day of the week, any day is just as good. I’ve compiled my 15 favourite and simple ways to pamper yourself – have a read!

1) Have A Bath – I had to start with the best bit. A nice bath can do so much for one’s physical and mental health. It gives you a chance to be alone and recharge. If a glass of bubbly is your thing then indulge. I prefer a cuppa and some calming music to get me into wind-down mode.

2) The Power of Scent – scent has that magic that can transport us to any moment in time as well as evoking different feelings. Take advantage of a pamper session to enjoy a luxury fragrance whether that be to transport yourself to a different place or memory or just to indulge in pampering.

3) Write in a Journal – Putting pen to paper in an old-fashioned way doesn’t mean starting off with “Dear Diary”.  Jotting down your goals for the coming week can help clear your mind and help you compartmentalize. You can also just jot down a stream of consciousness to get things off your mind.

4) Dim the Lights – The effect of bright lights on our psyche seems to vary depending on what study you read. But the importance of winding down the lights as your day winds down to a halt is one that I have seen the positive effects of for years. Mood lighting gets your body and mind ready for sleep and is the perfect way to enjoy the wind-down. Light some candles and turn on the fairy lights and allow yourself to get cosy no matter the season.

5) Read – reading can be anything from reading blogs to magazines, but the thing that has helped me the most is reading books. There are lots of books that you can get on Kindle or even opt for a good old paperback. Reading every night helps me escape a bit and allows me to drift away easily.

6) Have a Drink – I’m not advocating getting tipsy, but I’m also not going to be holier than thou. If you enjoy wine, have a glass. I tend to prefer a cuppa or a hot chocolate. If you don’t indulge in it often it makes it that much more special when you do.

7) Mani / Pedi Time – Am I right to say that having your nails done just makes you feel fab?! For me, it’s a must and setting aside an hour to pamper the tootsies and get your hands ready for the week makes me feel so indulgent.

8) Picking Out Your Clothes – You don’t have to set aside every outfit the night before like you did as a child – or am I the only one who did that? Anyway, waking up to an outfit that is ready and waiting for you on a Monday morning just makes you feel like you’ve got it together, doesn’t it?

9) Exfoliate / Moisturise – Skip the long bath and go straight into exfoliation and moisturisation mode to get your skin soft and smooth.

10) Have a Chat – Call me old-fashioned but I love talking on the phone, which is something that this generation doesn’t really do. You don’t have to get all nostalgic like I do but as an expat setting aside Sunday evening for a video chat or a call to my mum just gets be warm and fuzzy and helps me bridge the physical distance between myself and my loved ones.

11) Bake – When I am sans kids, which since we came down to Spain is most of the time, I tend to bake on my own. I turn on my favourite music and just zone out doing my thing in the kitchen. It’s not only satisfying whilst you’re doing it, but being able to have others share the treats with others just gets you in a good mood.

12) Workout – My idea of working out is to go for a brisk walk but I find that enough to get my pulse up and my lungs full of fresh air. It may not sound like a way to pamper yourself but it makes that shower after the sweat that much better.

13) Prep Your Face – An exfoliated and clean face is the perfect canvas for your makeup. If you are like me and like makeup-free days then it also works perfectly. A face mask, exfoliation, deep cleansing, moisturising – getting your face looking and feeling its best is a quick way to boost your self-esteem.

pamper yourself: woman lying on bed watching NetFlix on laptop

14) Quality Time – If you’re a mum then sending your kids off to family members or friends for even a couple of hours can allow you to snuggle up and watch Netflix with your other half. If you’re a single mum then it works as well as it gives you time to get some peace and quiet and enjoy your 2 hours alone as you wish.

15) Get to Sleep – The majority of us are sleep deprived so why not put on your favourite PJ’s and curl up in bed, turn off the lights, put the tech away and drift off to sleep earlier than normal. Catching up on those ZZZ’s will help your mind, body, and spirit.

BONUS TIP – Put the tech away! Have a tech-free evening or night and enjoy other hobbies or ways to relax that has nothing to do with devices, social media, and technology. 

Pampering yourself isn’t just an exercise in external beauty. Your soul needs as much pampering, if not more and that’s something that you should always try to carve out some time for. What are your favourite ways to pamper yourself inside and out?


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