16 Cute Sassy Outfits and Fashion Ideas 2020

If you think that wearing preppy and sassy clothes is just a prerogative of teenage girls attending prep schools, you are wrong. These days, women across all ages love wearing stylish and defining clothes that suits their personality. Today, creative fashion ideas have helped fashion conscious and trend setting girls and women to wear sassy outfits that helps them in styling themselves. Here, we bring you some interesting ideas that can help you create your own impeccable style in 2020. 

Plaid Blazer with Short Skirt

If you have your own unique fashion ideas, add this style to your idea to come up with something distinctive. Pair your short tweed or leather skirts with a plaid blazer. Choose accessories that helps to create a perfect ensemble. This can become your perfect sassy outfits fall look. 

Crop Tops with Leggings

Leggings are one of the most quintessential fashion outfits that can be paired with a variety of tops. Crops tops never goes out of fashion. You can wear a solid coloured crop top with leggings. Pair it with danglers. You can buy silver earrings online that is available in a variety of styles, designs, and patterns. 

Check Shirts

If you are aiming at getting your informal look pat down, go for check shirts in a variety of hues and colours. Pair it with jeans, cargos, shorts, skirts and more. Lift the shirt up to your waist and tie a knot to give it a peppy look. It is going to be your perfect style when planning to catch up with college friends. 

Short Kurta with Denim

If you are looking for an eclectic blend of western wear with ethnic wear, this combo is meant especially for you. Go for a light-coloured kurta and wear it with your denims. Complete the look with silver earrings that are easily available online. Wear slip-ons or jutis to go with it. 


This is an all-time favourite of girls and women who love exhibiting a sassy style. Wear this jumpsuit in denim or linen, pair it with soft cotton t-shirts and create a perfect stylish look. Wear lace boots to complete the look.

Wrap Tops

Wrap tops are quite hit among young college going and office going girls. Wear it with jeans, cotton trousers, etc, to give a sleep and preppy look. These tops are available in light and dark shades, cotton, and silky material, with a bow at the side or any other design to make it look classy. 

Black White Combo

This is another way to create a fashion statement among your peers. Black and white are both solid colours and never goes out of fashion. Pair a white base black-striped t-shirt with black trouser or legging and give a modern-twist to your look. Whether going out with friends for a movie or a hot cuppa of coffee, this ensemble will keep you sorted. 

Red Sweater

The time to don knits and sweaters is soon going to arrive. Every fashion-conscious woman must have a bright, red coloured knit or sweater in her wardrobe that can be paired with a variety of bottoms. It can be skirts, black leggings, blue denims and more. 

Chiffon Ruffled Top

If you are looking for cool and interesting college fest ideas, check out chiffon tops with ruffles on its neckline and sleeves. It is a mix of formal and informal look. Do not lose your college look by going with something extremely formal. Wear it with denims, skirts, midis, or palazzos to complete your look. 

Velvet Skirts

With the weather turning cooler in the mornings and evenings, you can wear a full-sleeves top paired with a velvet skirt. Wear high boots and a stylish scarf in the neck to make the complete look nothing short of spectacular. 


When planning a picnic or a day out with a bunch of friends, wear a sunny coloured sundress that adds to your feminine look, keeps you comfortable, and make you look sassy and a fashionista to the core. 

Off Shoulder Tops

If you have an amazing collar bone that you would love to flaunt, go for off shoulder tops that will bring the attention to your collar bone. Go with bold colours to flaunt your skin tone against the dark colours for a better impact. 

Denim Tunic

Tunics are very comfy and stylish outfit choice among girls. Whether going to attend lectures in the college or hanging out with friends for a cup of coffee, the denim tunic keeps you sorted. It gives you a very cool and sassy look. 

Summer Blazer

If you are attending a formal event at your college or office, wear any top and bottom of your choice but pair it with a linen or cotton summer jacket. It will lend an air of sophistication to you while making you look every inch a diva in your high stilettos rocking the floor. 

All Black

Black is one of the most loved colours. Not only men but women also carry this color with equal grace and panache. Go with a complete black look with suitable mules and shoes to add to it. It will make you look mysterious and people are sure going to be very curious about you. 

Cotton Shorts

In peak summers, girls usually prefer wearing soft cotton or linen shorts that allow their skin to breathe. Pair the shorts with any cotton or linen tops and enjoy your peak summer look with a variety of different sassy outfits.

Women have a variety of choices when it comes to fashion ideas. Some like figure hugging clothes while some consider comfy clothes as a priority. Irrespective of what you choose to wear, ensure that it makes you look stylish and cool. Irrespective of the occasion for when you are looking suitable fashionable clothes, the sassy outfits list mentioned above is sure going to keep you sorted. Check out which fashion idea suits you the best and brings out the best in you. 


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