3 Advantages of Vaping with CCELLS

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Ccells are the new technology in vaping. To purchase a ccell cartridge is to experience vaping to its best. So, let us consider just what this technology means and the advantages it has to offer those who vape. In this article we bring you 3 advantages to vaping with CCELLS.

Improved Quality

Ccells create a high-quality experience in terms of vaping. This is because the ccell pod system will contain a higher concentration. It is through putting nicotine salts into pod systems that an environment can be created that is better suited to higher amounts of nicotine that you can get from just simple e-liquids. 

Customizable mouthpieces are a sign of quality and something users can enjoy as an important part of the vaping experience. You want to feel comfortable when vaping. It all helps with the relaxation side and the purpose of vaping in the first place. Vaping, of course, is practiced by many to help with anxiety and the stresses and strains of daily life.

CCELLS Cope with Thicker e-Liquids

If you are looking to vaporize pure cannabis oil, then you will benefit from a ccell vaporizer because they are excellent at absorbing, storing, and then vaporizing this kind of thicker oil. Cannabis oil, in particular, can be extremely sticky and thick.

There are also variations in thicknesses of oil between different bottles. A factor that will make an e-liquid thicker in one bottle than another, and so might cause a device that is not ccell more of a problem. This could be because of the amount of vegetable glycerin (VG) that is contained within the liquid. VG is a natural, organic solvent made from vegetable oil. A ccell device will easily be able to cope with these variations in e-liquid thicknesses. It is something to be aware of when you vape.

vaping with ccells

Less Leakage

Another major advantage of ccells for vaping is that less leakage will be experienced by the e-cigarette user. There is nothing more annoying than leaking devices. The reason why many people vape is to help with relaxation, so you do not want anything to annoy you that has the potential to take away the pleasure.

Tests have shown that ccells have extremely low leakage and defect rates. This is comforting to know and a testament to the fact that a good deal of testing is done to ultimately improve the user experience.

So, plenty of advantages to provide a reason to switch to ccells if you have not already. The quality is improved, they can handle the thicker e-liquids such as cannabis oil, and the devices are even less prone to leakage. This kind of reliability can only improve the vaping experience. Also, ccells are promoted as improving the flavour in allowing for it to stay purer and more concentrated. 

If you are deciding on a flavour, then the most popular fruit flavours are apple, followed by orange. Butterscotch and marshmallow prove popular as candy options. Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink flavours are also available. Alternatively, you can go for e-juices associated with more traditional smoking, such as tobacco and cannabis oil. There are even medicinal properties to some of these oils that can be obtained online. Vaping is about relaxing, as mentioned, and many health conditions will benefit from that. This makes it well worth obtaining a good vaporizer and considering a ccell can help you to achieve the best results because of all the advantages mentioned above.

For help priming your ccell cartridge, here are some tips. Use a fine tip bottle or dripper to add between 4 and 6 drops inside the coil cartridge. Then, let that liquid soak into the cartridge’s ceramic. This can be done with the cartridge in the base, or before putting it in, to prevent leaks from air vents if you flood it. So, this is all that there is to it. Now enjoy your vaping the ccell way!

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