3 Easy Flooring Options to Complement Your Wood Flooring

There’s no doubt that wood flooring is one of the most popular types of flooring that there is. From its durability to its traditional feel many people opt for this type of flooring throughout their homes. But what do you do if you want your home to be bespoke to you and your style? I’m sharing 3 easy flooring options that compliment your wood flooring in this post, read on!

Cement Tiles

The first appearance of cement tiles dates back to 1850’s Catalonia, Spain. Which shouldn’t be surprising, as you are always spoilt for choice when it comes seeing these colourful and beautiful tiles throughout the continent, in particular in Spain. The beauty of these colours is a great contrast to your wooden flooring and compliments a more bohemian home decor.

The difference between traditional ceramic tiles and cement tiles is bigger than you may imagine. Though these tiles look very similar, they way they are made is very different. Ceramic tile is a tile that has a glaze and is fired at high temperatures in a kiln, while the beauty of cement tile is that it is actually made of cement and done so by using intricate tile molds. Each one of these tiles is made by hand, which is quite a feat!


Speaking of cement, but nothing like it, we have microcement. If you’re looking for something that is unique then consider microcement. What is microcement, or micro-concrete flooring? Well, microcement is a unique and decorative flooring type created from cement and polymer to make a coating which is then applied to floors. The coating is versatile and can be used indoors as well as outdoors.

This coating is waterproof and anti-slip, making it great for bathrooms and kitchens. It’s also quite durable, making it resistant to cracking, so it can take a lot of wear and tear easily. Though you wouldn’t think so as the layer is a mere 2-3 mm thick. This makes it perfect to be applied anywhere from staircases to vertical ceilings such as walls for a decorative function.

The unique, industrial look is also quite the opposite of the warmth of wood flooring, but it works great together. It’s affordable too, so it’s worth using.

Add Glass Floors

The thought of walking on glass sounds a bit naff in general, but you have to admit that adding glass tiles to compliment your wood flooring has quite the effect. Add a more contemporary look to a traditional decor style with glass tiles.

I fell for this feature when I first saw it in Dawn Ward’s house on RHOC. And though she has tile in her foyer, the beauty of wooden floors is that you have many shades to choose from; from white oak to smoked oak. The choice is yours!

Glass is a great option, not only for aesthetic reasons, but because of it’s durability, easy maintenance, and hygienic properties. Glass is also 100% recyclable, which helps you incorporate more eco-friendly materials into your home design.

Mix Shades of Wood Flooring

When in doubt, keep it simple. If you don’t want to add tiling or glass to your floors then why not opt for different shades of wood instead? Keeping things cohesive needn’t be boring! You can definitely mix shades of wood flooring throughout your home. This allows each room to have it’s own personality and work with other elements in the room, such as chimneys or exposed brick, for example.

There are a few things that you should consider when opting for different shades of wood flooring throughout the home. For example:

  • use rugs to avoid the differences being too notable and causing a clash
  • try to stick to the same undertones of wood throughout (group cool shades of wood with cool shades of wood, and warm with warm)
  • don’t use too many types of wood – keep it simple!

So, there you go! If you’re looking for some alternative flooring options to compliment your wood flooring we hope this post has been helpful!

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