Healing Through Playing: The 3 Benefits of Play Therapy

Families have so much to look forward to in the gorgeous city of Colorado Springs. With a downtown bustling with excitement and open spaces that spell adventure, there is so much to do in the second-largest city in Colorado. 

But sometimes, because of traumatic illness or grief caused by death in the family or divorce, children may not be able to enjoy the beauty of their hometown the way they used to. They may exhibit behavioral problems such as anxiety, depression, and difficulty making connections.  

When parents see these signs in their children, it would be best to bring them to a center that provides play therapy in Colorado Springs for a holistic healing program for their behavioral issues.

Play is an essential aspect of a child’s development. It is their way to understand the world around them and develop their skills. Play therapy involves a therapist using the child’s natural reactions toward play to help them process the complex thoughts that they have bottled up. It also allows the children to develop coping skills that will help them navigate the world around them.

Here are the three most important benefits of play therapy in Colorado Springs.

Benefits of Play Thrapy: Managing Behavior 

When children can freely express their feelings through play, there is a noticeable decrease in undesirable behavior. Play therapy also allows children to develop the needed skills to manage their emotions. Usually, sessions include opportunities that will test their limits in a controlled and safe environment. This process allows awareness of the consequences of their actions. It also provides an opportunity for them to make mindful decisions.

Processing Emotions

Often children do not have the language skills to express what they are feeling. This is especially true for children who have experienced traumatic events at a very young age. These painful events may result in unwanted or poor ways of expressing themselves. These ways may include defiance, frequent crying, tantrums, being socially withdrawn or clingy, or the refusal to attend school.

During play therapy in Colorado Springs, children acquire a more adaptive method of expressing themselves, which can be developed through play. Play therapists understand, interpret, and respond to children’s play language while increasing the parent’s ability to communicate with their children through play.

One of the biggest benefits of play therapy is that it improves a child’s social skills and the ability to respect others.

Therapists carefully choose the toys that are used in a session. It allows the children to portray various social roles, such as dressing up as a community helper or nurturing a baby doll. Play therapy allows the child to understand the thoughts and feelings of others. These skills will eventually trickle down to their relationship with families and friends.  

The therapist will also establish a trusting relationship with the child. There will be an atmosphere wherein the child can test different aspects of social interactions without fear of being judged or reprimanded. 

As with any therapy, the cooperation and involvement of family members is crucial. In this case, the child needs the presence of their parents. They may not be allowed in the room during the sessions. Still, by bringing the child to therapy and continuously collaborating with the therapist, there will be a world of improvement for the child. Just one of the many reasons to enjoy the wonders of Colorado Springs.


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