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3 First Date Ideas to Walk and Talk and Get to Know Your Date

4 First Date Ideas to Walk and Talk and Get to Know Your Date

Going on a first date can be tough work. You find someone on one of the best dating sites around, you exchange messages, maybe calls, and then it’s time to go on a date. What do you do? Where do you go? Some typical first date ideas can be quite a cliche and not give you the opportunity to really get to know someone. Why not leave the high-maintenance ideas behind and opt for a simple and foolproof way to get to know your date – walk and talk and get to know your date. It’s simple, will get you outdoors, and help you connect without any distractions. Here are 3 locations where walking and talking is simple!

The Midlands

Nottinghamshire dating has many options, but if you’re in the city and wondering what location you can go to for a first date on foot why not consider the Arboretum Park? This Victorian park boats over 800 trees, some planted when the park opened in 1852. The park is a city centre attraction, and the bonus is that if you are both dog parents you can take your dogs for a walk in the park. Not only is the park dog-friendly and boasts beautiful grounds, but you can also try to coincide with one of the days that there may be an event going. Staffordshire dating also offers many options such as Cannock Chase AONB.


Having lived in the area for years, Cambridge dating is quite easy. There are so many things to do and see, and one of my favourite areas of the city is right in the heart of it – the campus of the University of Cambridge. With so many colleges making up the University it’s not hard to find a college you can walk through or explore.Start your date by seeing The Backs, which is an ample green area behind some of the colleges. You’ll get a stunning view of King’s College, it’s absolutely breathtaking, especially at dusk. Walk over Cambridge’s most notable bridge, the Bridge of Sighs

Isle of Man

Isle of Man singles that are avid walkers are in for a treat as the Isle of Man actually holds the Isle of Man Walking Festival. The festival is a way to experience the great outdoors, and in my opinion can be a fantastic first date idea on foot. Sure, it’s a 4-day festival and you may not be around then, so what do you do? There’s always a walking route somewhere on the isle, such as the challenging Raad Ny Foillan, or Way of the Gull, which is a 100-mile coastal footpath that takes you all around the isle. Or if you prefer why not go off the beaten path and explore a hidden cove whilst getting to know your date.

Walking and talking are two of the most simple things one can do yet two of the things that can allow us to get to know each other better. Not only do we get to come closer together emotionally by not being distracted by technology or even those around us, but we also get to find out if there is chemistry or physical compatibility and we know that’s also a very important factor in knowing whether or not there will be a second date.