3 Interiors Palettes featuring Laminate Flooring

Are you looking for a new interiors trend to help you refresh your home? Or do you prefer something that’s more of a throwback to decades ago? Whatever your preference for home interiors you’ll definitely have some inspiration to choose from with our 3 interiors palettes featuring laminate flooring.

Why choose laminate flooring?

Laminate flooring is more affordable than hardwood flooring. It looks just as good and comes in many shades and colours. This makes it a great option for all types of interiors and decorating styles. We’ve compiled 3 interiors palettes featuring laminate flooring to inspire your next decorating journey!

Blue Grey Palette

The grey palette is a very popular one. If you’re on Instagram and into home decor then I’m sure you’ve come across some of the loveliest grey decorated homes. The norm is usually a monochromatic grey look or grey with blush pink, but I really liked this blue and grey palette. It’s different but I think it’s absolutely lovely!

When it comes to the flooring options to make this look come to life then opt for a lighter grey. I like this flooring that has more of a blend of greys and beiges. It’s versatile and still neutral enough without being boring or bland.

3 Interiors Palettes featuring Laminate Flooring

Warm Boho

3 Interiors Palettes featuring Laminate Flooring

I absolutely love the boho look. It’s casual, inviting, and cosy. The most common theme in this decor style is the use of wood and natural elements. From wooden flooring to lots of greenery – there is something so natural about this style that feels like you’re bringing the outside in.

The secret for me when it comes to boho is to experiment with different shades and colours that are not only natural and found in nature, but also speak to you. You can be more indulgent with colours like emerald green and deep reds, or keep it lighter with sand coloured accessories or earthy shades of browns.

There is a lot of flexibility in this style in terms of colour palette choices. You can opt for a darker style of wood flooring or a lighter one. It’s all about what you feel works best for your home and for your decor. I personally think that a versatile shade like the one below is beautiful enough to be a focal piece, whilst still remaining neutral and letting your style shine.

3 Interiors Palettes featuring Laminate Flooring

Farmhouse Chic

The Farmhouse style in decorating has taken over interiors in the last few years. It’s a more traditional style but also relaxed enough to feel cosy and relaxed but full of character and charm. There’s something that feels very homely about this style, isn’t there?

Similar to Boho decor, Farmhouse decor incorporates wooden flooring and earthy browns. In this case, a lot of the wooden elements that are incorporated, like wooden paneling, tend to be white. Pair that with dark metal accessories, mainly black, and you’re on your way to embracing farmhouse!

3 Interiors Palettes featuring Laminate Flooring

Which of these decorating styles are you more drawn to? I happen to love the first 2! If you’re looking for more flooring ideas check these out:

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