3 Everyday Plumbing Issues Every Homeowner Must Know

We all know that plumbing issues come in all shapes and sizes. Ranging from minor and inexpensive plumbing issues, like a running toilet or a leaking faucet, to a major pipe leak or sewer system damage; can make your life a lot more difficult. 

In this article, you’ll find everyday plumbing issues that you must take care of to keep your system up and running. Additionally, the tips mentioned below will help you minimize and help deal with problems before they occur. So, let’s earn the benefit of knowledge while fixing your property’s plumbing issues once and for all. 

Leaking Faucets

3 Everyday Plumbing Issues Every Homeowner Must Know

Leaky faucets are a common occurrence in every home, and we’re pretty sure homeowners run into this issue from time to time. It’s not just a constant source of irritation but can also result in increasing your water bills and cost you a lot of money. A single leaky faucet can waste away hundreds of gallons of water over a year.

Additionally, the problem of a leaking faucet is caused due to an internal washer that has become worn out, torn, or stiff over time. If this is the reason, you might have to seek assistance from a trained plumber who can permanently fix these faucets. Also, using your DIY techniques won’t do any good in the long run. A plumber is your ideal solution for this particular problem. 

Slow Water Pressure

If water from your taps is trickling slowly rather than gushing naturally, this could be the symptom of low water pressure. This problem is a common occurrence in old houses. However, several factors can cause slow water pressure, and a few common ones are; leaking pipes that are broken inside, corroded, or worn over time. For this reason, you might want to change the pipes and replace them with tougher ones. 

If you are experiencing a low water pressure issue in the shower, it could be due to the build-up of minerals and sediment deposits on aerators. To deal with this problem, you can try soaking the aerator in vinegar which may help you remove the blockages. However, if this issue persists, maybe it is time for you to seek professional help. 

Running Toilet

If left alone, running toilets in your home or office can be a costly problem, causing 200 gallons of water to leak every day. The most common reason is a defective flapper valve that controls water flow that travels from the tank to the bowl. Homeowners can quickly fix this with a basic toilet repair kit that you will find at any hardware store.

However, if you still can’t fix it, call a professional plumber. Sometimes the problem can only be sorted out by a professional toilet repair or replacement expert. It is important to know that while there are times that you can definitely do it yourself, there are instances when that can create more of an issue for you in the long run so going to the experts is key. 

To Sum it Up

Homeowners should not ignore plumbing issues in their homes. If you do leave them unattended, in time, minor plumbing issues can transform themselves into significant and costly problems. So, make sure you check the list mentioned above, And, if you face similar problems, apply the fix and enjoy living on a fully functional property. 

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