3 Quick Ways to Pretty Up Your Home With Ease

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Let’s face it, who doesn’t want a lovely home to go back to after a long day of work? It’s what everyone wants. A home should be the place that you feel safe and happy in. It’s four walls that you’re going to be living in for a long time, so it’s got to be beneficial to you otherwise what’s the point of pumping money into it when you don’t even like it? Understandably, not everyone has the money or the time to make their home somewhat of a luxury – but that just isn’t necessary. There are so many things that you can do that will drastically change its overall look without going all out and using up valuable resources that you don’t have. Here are 3 quick ways to pretty up your home with ease.

Create a feature wall

Now before you think you’re incapable – you don’t have to be an artist. All you need to do is pick out a wall and supply it with a lick of paint, but preferably something that stands out and creates a bit of the wow factor. So if for example, you want to work on the living room, and all of your walls are a basic magnolia shade, paint one of them a cranberry red. It gives you that statement piece that causes an impact in such a fabulous way. You can even go one step further by adding to it, be it by hanging a piece of art up, or by adding some more texture by making a pattern as opposed to a solid colour.

Let the light in

If your home seems to be a little dark and dull and you aren’t sure how to liven the place up – the simple answer is light. Light will make the whole world of difference and bring a room to life. But not only that, you will also create the appearance of having a bigger space because the area will be so much brighter. If you are like many other people who have curtains shadowing the windows, consider taking them down and buy wooden blinds instead. They will give you so much more control over how much light you want while balancing the shade too on the hotter days.

Funky pieces of furniture

If you’re sick of looking at that miserable coffee table that is covered in red wine stains, scratches, and mug marks, then it’s time to accept the fact that you need to replace it. As hard as it can be sometimes to throw out old things, sometimes it’s necessary in order to allow yourself – as well as your environment – to grow.

A good idea is to head down to your local handmade wood-crafted stores, or search for those charity shop hidden gems, and source out some new furniture that will add a flare of personality to bring the whole place together. 

If your taste is more refined, that’s ok. Don’t worry about breaking the bank. There are ways that you can find cheap designer furniture to bring your home together.

Whatever your taste is you can pretty up your home by following these simple tips.


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