3 Simple Ways For You To Put The ‘You’ Back Into Beauty


There are times when it feels like the beauty industry can feel very impersonal. Beauty brands are now producing more and more new products than ever before, and while that can be a great thing it can also have some downsides. One major downside to this commercial side of beauty is that now brands have created an image of the ‘perfect woman’ that many girls and even women feel they must keep up with. That isn’t what beauty should be about! It should be about making the individual feel good about how they look, no matter what they look like. If you’re in need of a boost or just want to ensure you never get caught up in the hype check out these 3 simple ways for you to put the ‘you’ back in beauty. 

Back into Beauty: Understand Your Shape And Tones

Each and every one of us is a completely different shape. Even if you try body sculpting, you will find that you can’t alter your body’s shape too much. So, it’s important that you embrace your natural curves and lines, and dress in a way that flatters them. This is also the case with your skin tone. Wearing makeup that complements your skin tone can help your skin look flawless. However, if you wear some makeup that isn’t a good match, it could wash you out or make you look way too tanned – and not in a good way!

Ask Your Mom For Advice

You will know your body the best, but the person who knows it second best will be your mom! After all, you both share the same genes, so there is no wonder that there is going to be somebody characteristics and flaws that you both share. Your mom will have a lot more experience in dealing with the flaws than you do, so it’s a good idea to ask for hair and skin advice. She’ll also have learned a thing or two about flaunting her best features, so you should ask her about that as well! Your mom will be able to tell you a lot more pearls of wisdom than someone in Loreal’s marketing department ever could!

Work On Body Positivity

There is a whole lot of body shaming out there in the press these days. You need to ignore it as much as possible and shrug off any negative comments that might come your way. That’s because you are completely beautiful how you are right now! You have your own unique style that you need to own. Doing so will help give your self-confidence and body positivity a nice little boost. And once you are feeling super confident, you will look totally radiant! You will certainly turn heads for all the right reasons.

You should only formulate a beauty routine with you in mind. After all, you are number one!


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