3 Tips On How To Vacation On A Budget

All work without play makes Jack a dull boy. Taking a break from work is necessary if you are to recharge your energy and remain motivated. A vacation comes in handy in this case. For most people, the prospect of vacationing seems a distant dream for them because of travel and accommodation expenses.

I must admit that I thought this way too. For a long time, I never went on any vacation because I thought it would cost me an arm. Things changed recently though when I managed to vacation luxuriously at a relatively cheap cost, with help from services similar to Jettly and others on the market making this much easier to achieve. In this post, I will share my tips on how you can go on a vacation on a budget.

1. Group Vacationing

Pooling resources together is one of the best ways you can manage to vacation on a budget, without spending exorbitantly. When I started considering the idea of vacationing seriously, I talked to a few of my friends about my desire to take a break from work and visit some of the places I dreamt of like Paris. In the course of me narrating this wish to them, it also spiked their interest in going for a holiday.

What followed next was an agreement between me and five other friends to plan a group holiday the following summer. We pooled our funds together and in less than six months’ time, what seemed a distant dream became a reality. We toured eight European cities in two weeks all on a sustainable budget.

2. Use Bed and Breakfast Accommodations

Accommodation is one of the most budget draining elements of any travel plans. Most people will choose a hotel because it seems like the right thing or the most logical thing to do. However, what I learned as I was vacationing with my friends is that there are alternatives to this. Bed and breakfast accommodation came in handy for us and it helped us have secure and comfortable accommodation at a low price in each city that we visited.

For example, there are hotels in Orlando that vary depending on prices and the type of accommodation that you are looking for. Sure, you may want to have resort type experience there, and that is great, but why not take a look at alternative options, like bed and breakfast services to find a unique experience.

We took advantage of the internet and different apps that most of these bed and breakfast services have. These apps helped us book our stay in advance and thus we could plan our arrival and check-out time well. We managed to get good deals that allowed us to have a whole apartment or a whole bungalow to ourselves depending on the city we were in. In one instance, we even managed to find one with a pool and it cost much less than a single night for one person at a 3-star hotel.

3. Travel Luxuriously, But Affordably

We wanted to make our first vacation as friends a memorable one. One of us came up with the excellent idea of travelling on a private plane to some of the destinations we would visit. No one raised any objection because it is something we all wanted to experience. At first, there were reservations that this might eat into our budget, but after some research, we found out otherwise.

We found out that for you to travel on a private plane, it was not necessary to charter the entire airplane. In fact, there were multiple options through which you could book your flight and reach your destination in comfort and style. You can Visit the given link to learn about the business and first-class plane tickets to travel luxuriously at a fraction of the cost. 

We went for an option that allowed us to book by the seat. This option allowed the six of us to join in with a family of three and one business executive who was travelling in the same direction. Using a private plane allowed some of my friends to carry their pets along to the destinations that we were travelling to. 

Going on your dream vacation does not have to be a far-fetched dream. Through proper planning, you can manage to go on your dream holiday and enjoy a deserved break from your daily life. Follow the vacation on a budget tips I offer you above and join forces with some of your friends to make it possible to go on holiday this year.


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