3 Ways to Travel Differently in 2019


If you’re a regular around these parts you’ll know how important travelling is to us. We’re a transatlantic couple and we have made the best of visiting the same places often but seeing them through different eyes. That’s all fine and well and we will continue doing so but sometimes you just yearn for something different!

Enjoy a River Cruise

One thing that is on my must-have travel plans this year is to enjoy a river cruise. There’s really something magical about sailing down the Rhine or Danube and discovering some of the most beautiful cities in EuropeI’ve often thought about how dull it may be to be travelling the open seas for days which is why the thought of seeing the ever-changing landscape on a river cruise is so appealing. On top of that, I’m not going to lie, I used to think that river cruises were only for OAP’s. I had the vision that they would be dull and boring, but it’s plain to see that they aren’t! They’re a great way to travel differently.

There’s something intimate about being able to travel through the continent through its waterways. You feel like you get to see these cities and towns in a way that you wouldn’t normally. For example, the Danube flows through 10 countries! The fact that you can see so many beautiful gems all on one trip is incredible, isn’t it?

It may be a Christmas time trip to explore the Christmas markets in Germany or maybe a late summer trip through Portugal’s Duoro valley – famous for Port wine! Whatever it may be a river cruise is definitely in the cards.

Travel differently: Young lady with rucksack looking at airport departure board

Fly to Unknown Destinations

Can you imagine booking a trip and not knowing the destination? Yeah, I couldn’t either! The thing is, with travel evolving the concept is brilliant! Anywhr is a platform that lets you decide your preferred region, decide on your travel dates, and even choose the theme of your trip. You then fill out a questionnaire and share more about yourself and voila, your curated trip is chosen for you with hints sent out a few days after you book. The teaser email tells you what to pack, the weather at your destination, and your check-in time.

For someone who tends to carefully plan their trips (ahem, me) the concept of this sounds so liberating! I would love to just show up at the airport and find out my destination. There’s no better way to get out of your comfort zone, travel differently and explore the world!

Go Somewhere You’ve Never Been Before

If you aren’t that daring or get seasick, or river sick, easily then why not just stick to the simple principle based on a Dalai Lama quote? Every year go somewhere you’ve never been before.

At the beginning of the article, I was telling you how sometimes you just need to see things through another perspective. So hop in an Uber and get going! Whether it’s near or far adding one new place a year to our travel experiences can expand your horizons more than you can imagine!

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