3 Winter heating tips to consider each and every year

With energy costs on the rise and with the weather seemingly getting colder year after year it is a good idea to try and find simple ways to keep our living space as warm and comfortable as possible during the winter season. But what can we do that actually makes a big difference in our energy bill in the cold winter months? In this post we will be sharing with you how to efficiently make a difference in your energy efficiency that can truly help your utility bill. Check out the following home heating tips and winter heating tips to help.

Invest in the right heating system

3 Winter heating tips to consider each and every year

There are many great winter heating tips available that can make a difference but none as important as ensuring that you have the right heating system. This can range from having the right hvac system in place to investing in a smart thermostat. But one of the most energy efficient and novel ideas that you can invest in is infrared heating panels.

Infrared heating panels are a great heat source option as they radiate heat that is absorbed by objects and people directly. This means that the air isn’t what is being heated (as it usually is with radiators or with a space heater) the surfaces are. Which means that the sofa, for example, is being heated directly instead of the cold air around it. So when you come into the living room and cuddle up on the sofa, you can count on it being warm instead of just feeling the hot air that then doesn’t help much overall.

On top of that, the panels are quite stylish and modern and can be placed higher up on the walls and even the ceiling! Of course, you will need experienced service technicians to install and service but aside from regular maintenance, this isn’t something you will need to worry about on a regular basis. Pair it with a programmable thermostat and your house can look modern and be smart even in the cold weather. You may be making an investment, but it will pay off in the long run.

Once you have ensured you have the right heating system is in place you can consider additional tips that can help you on your heating bill.

Consider alternative heating methods

3 Winter heating tips to consider each and every year

There are always alternative or more traditional heating methods that we can use if our house has it without having to go into the route of home improvement. For example, if you have a gas fireplace or even wood-burning fireplaces or wood-burning stoves, you should take advantage of them! This will mean your electric bill will be lower, but you still need to consider any additional costs like with a gas fireplace. Either way, it’s always great to consider what the best option may be for your specific needs.

Make sure your home is sealed properly

As soon as the lower temperature hits you can feel it quite quickly. If your home is not sealed properly you can feel the draughts coming in through the glass doors or even through the window frames. It is pointless to invest in a state of the art heating system or having your fireplace on all the time if there is air that is coming in through the cold windows.. Use window covers and a door draft stopper to keep things warm and cosy.

By the same token, if you aren’t going to be using your fireplace opt for a chimney balloon to avoid those draughts coming in or avoid heat loss.

Use low-cost tips

3 Winter heating tips to consider each and every year

There are always low-cost tips to consider for keeping warm. And any help in learning how to keep your home warmer is always good advice. We share lots of these practical tips with you throughout the site, so we couldn’t end this psot without sharing some more. Check out the following tips that are easy and practical to follow;

  • Make sure you provide annual maintenance to your radiators and heaters,
  • Don’t heat rooms you aren’t in or using, for example, turn off the radiator in your guest room,
  • Insulate your home even more if there is a winter storm coming,
  • Wear more layers,
  • Use hot water bottles to keep warm whenever possible, and finally,
  • Invest in an electric blanket.

As always, use common sense as that will help you overall. Don’t feel you have to go the extra mile to save on heating costs. These simple heating tips are sure to help!

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