4 Amazing Reasons to Visit Mykonos Besides Partying

We have all heard of Mykonos’s vibrant nightlife and its vivid party scene. For many people, it’sconsidered one of the best places in the Mediterranean to have ultra-fun. And, they are right. Mykonos is, indeed, a never-sleeping island, with parties and events around the clock, until the early morning hours. Once the pandemic has eased and it’s safe to do so of course!

However, the enchanting Queen of the Cyclades has so much more to offer visitors. Yes, there is an entirely different side of the popular island that very few ever notice. When you do take a few moments and actually look around you, though, you end up falling in love with Mykonos forever.

1. The captivating coastline…

Like every Greek island, Mykonos is home to beautiful shores. The truly amazing thing about it, though, is the diversity of options. Here, you can find anything from well-organised sandy shores with sunbeds, water-sports, beach bars, and parties to totally gay beaches, secluded coves, and untouched islets for more privacy. You may even capture this welcoming variety on a single beach. For example, half of the Super Paradise beach is oriented for young crowds, while the other half is a totally gay-friendly side that allows nudity. Simply choose the glam, fun, and privacy level you desire and pick one. Sure there is a specific place that will steal your heart.

…With a spot for everyone

The waters are crystalline all along the Mykonos coastline, the sands are golden (in their overwhelming majority), the weather is absolutely beach-perfect, with cloudless skies and warm seas, and you get to enjoy a lovely mix of family-friendly amenities and a party atmosphere. Speaking of family vacations, Ornos is undoubtedly one of the most family-oriented shores. The waters of this central beach are calm and shallow (ideal for families with young kids), while there is a wide range of bars and restaurants nearby. No wonder luxury hotels like Kivotos Hotels & Villas are located here. This takes us to the next fab thing about Mykonos!

2. Luxury accommodation

Oozing elegance and chicness, Mykonos is the capital of the most luxury and exclusive accommodation options in all the Mediterranean. With something for everybody, you could get the most authentic Mykonos experience and be utterly pampered with an amazing plethora of VIP services and facilities at Kivotos Mykonos Hotels & Villas. The resort features stylish suites with amazing seascapes (and a private beach) while offering the most palatial stay. Not far from Mykonos Town, it also provides its guests the chance for private dining that could even be arranged to take place at the hotel-owned luxury yacht anchored at Ornos bay. 

Prefer even more privacy? You could opt for one of the well-appointed private Kivotos villas, also exuding grandeur, heart-stopping views of the Aegean Sea, and a long list of amenities to ensure upscale holidays. 

3. Picturesque landscape

Take a stroll down the narrow, cobbled streets of Mykonos Town with the white-washed houses and the flower-filled balconies, wander through the idyllic villages with the friendly locals, take a sip of delicious wine while gazing at the sea from a Little Venice cafe, and take in the scenic views. Or, you could explore the countryside and be taken aback by the profound natural beauty. The landscape is absolutely gorgeous. Although a relatively barren island, Mykonos has a unique way to impress and please the soul. Plus, Instagram-perfect locations to get the most breath-taking shots of the descending sun, such as the Windmills. 

4. Mouth-watering cuisine

Traditional Greek dishes and seafood are served at local family-run tavernas and restaurants. Expect culinary delights like gyros, mousaka, pastitsio, and lots of local foods, like louza (pork dish) and kopanisti (a type of spicy cheese). Of course, you can treat your palate with international cuisine prepared by renowned chefs cooking at Michelin-star dining facilities at the island capital. Again, from authentic Mykonos street food to utmost luxury, you will be spoilt for choice. 

Add to all that the endless shopping (whether that includes souvenirs or items from high-end, designer boutiques), and the rich history of Mykonos that entices history and archaeology lovers (and not only), and you begin to understand why this charming dot in the Mediterranean is the favourite destination of thousands of a-lists, blue-bloods and humble humans alike every single year. 


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