4 Cities You Need To Visit (Before You Turn 30)

Taking into account the fact that around 100,000 flights zoom around the world each day, it’s safe to assume we like our holidays. They’re a way to flesh out our life experiences and provide us with stories that can be passed around like myth and legend. Before you turn 30, possibly with a bit more disposable income and energetic spirit, there are certain places you must visit. Think of it as your 30th birthday bucket list, whenever that special day may be. Even if you are over 30 (like me) these cities are still definitely worth the visit!
These are the places that everyone talks about, and everyone wants to experience. These are some of the most popular countries and tourist destinations in the world, and missing out almost feels criminal.

Before you Turn 30: Bruges, Belgium

Rozenhoedkaai_Brugge: before you turn 30
Kicking off with a capital city – though it’s not capital of its country; that honour goes to Brussels. Rather, Bruges is the capital of West Flanders, a province in northern Belgium. And why should it be on your holiday list? Besides being beautiful (the Amish-esque buildings look great on postcards) if offers a ton of value to chocolate lovers.
Yes, if you have a sweet tooth, this is the place for you. There’s no better city in the world to visit if you adore chocolate. It comes in all shapes and sizes, from dark, milk and white to novelty, themed and in gigantic chunks. The streets are littered with sweet shops every few feet – just make sure you pack a toothbrush.

We visited Bruges for half a day and can’t wait to return!

London, England

Now, this is a true capital city – but you already knew that. London’s reputation generally precedes it, and there’s a reason for that. From Big Ben to the London Eye and Wembley, it’s bursting with attractions that dominate popular culture.
Some areas of the city have a reputation for being less than luxurious, but other areas are bursting with quality. There are plenty of serviced apartments in London in areas like Chelsea, perfect for brief city breaks or extended weekends. Indeed, you won’t be without accommodation or transport options here. Subway infrastructure is second to none, and it’s never been easier to explore.

Before you Turn 30: Cairo, Egypt

before you turn 30
The home of the great Pyramids and capital Egypt, Cairo is worth the price of admission for its historical architecture alone. And while that price isn’t the lowest, it’s a chance to experience one of the most majestic and dominant structures on planet Earth.

Haverfordwest, Wales

before you turn 30
Haverfordwest is a beautiful slice of southern Wales, offering more picturesque scenery than anywhere in the UK. Indeed, if you love walking, exploring and photography, you’re spoilt for choice here. It’s perfect for those weekend adventure breaks, which are generally more popular with the younger crowd.

As a side note, Haverfordwest is also the birthplace of former Batman/Bruce Wayne, Christian Bale. If movies are your thing, it feels quite special to walk around the streets once prowled by Batman himself.

Where would you like to go before you turn 30?

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