4 Great Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Having a small bathroom can be challenging for design, comfort, and organizational purposes. Unfortunately, with modern home sizes getting smaller and the nature of this particular room, many people will have to live without the large, spa-like bathroom of their dreams.

Fortunately, there are a few savvy design strategies you can use to make your bathroom seem more spacious. Here are four great ideas for small bathrooms, whether you’re creating one or improving your current one.

Install a Floating or Freestanding Vanity

A floating vanity is mounted on the wall, leaving ample space and exposed flooring underneath. While it may not seem like a functional space, the effect of having a floating vanity makes the room look larger. You can customize your vanity size to fit the space, opting for a narrow or shallow floating vanity to enhance the effect.

According to one specialized bathroom vanities Los Angeles business, you can get the same effect from a European style freestanding unit. This option is fantastic for those who like a more rustic, elegant decor scheme as opposed to ultra-modern. A freestanding unit looks more like a piece of furniture than a solid cupboard, often supported by legs rather than a flat base.

Another benefit of floating and freestanding vanities is that they’re less susceptible to damage in a small bathroom. It’s common for water to rot out the bottom of a cupboard-style vanity over time. Investing in a floating or freestanding option protects your investment.

Ideas for small bathrooms: White bath and white bathroom furniture in small bathrrom.

Use Reflective Surfaces

The lighter and brighter your bathroom, the bigger the area will look. You can enhance this effect by decorating with reflective surfaces to reflect both natural and artificial light. This is one of the most simple yet effective ideas for small bathrooms.

Consider adding more than one mirror in your bathroom or making the mirror a focal point. You can even get a back-lit mirror to brighten the space and make it easier to get ready in the mornings. 

Glossy tiles can also subtly contribute to the light distribution in the room. Consider extending your floor or wall tile into the shower to create length in the room while enhancing the lighting.

Adding metallic decor elements can also help improve this effect. If you use metallic tiles or accessories, ensure they’re coated to prevent rust or discoloration from the room’s humidity.

Install a Pocket Door

Pocket doors are the ideal solution for a small bathroom. Rather than having a door that swings inward and uses valuable real estate, a pocket door slides into the wall and out of the way. This design element is functional as well as aesthetically pleasing, adding value to your home.

While pocket doors are affordable, they can be tricky to install as a DIY project. Consider hiring an expert to handle the installation process to protect the integrity of your home. When installing a pocket door in your bathroom, it’s best to opt for solid wood. Pocket doors don’t have the same seal effect as a traditional door— solid wood guarantees privacy and comfort.

ideas for small bathrooms. Gold plated tap running water in white sink basin.

Incorporate Curves

Making the most of your small bathroom necessitates thinking outside the box— quite literally. Using rounded edges and curves instead of cubes and corners is a subtle change that makes a significant impact. Consider installing a rounded shower or curved vanity edges when designing your small bathroom.

This change may not seem like much, but rounding out the edges can add some serious square footage of usable space to your bathroom. This feature also improves the room’s flow, which improves the look and feel of the space. 

With these four simple design features, you can make your small bathroom appear more spacious and comfortable. 

I’d love to hear your thoughts on these ideas for small bathrooms!

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