4 Inspirational Mexican Places to Visit on Your Campervan Trip

Over ten million people visited Mexico in the first quarter of the year. Most were drawn in by the weather, beaches and of course the wonderful food. One of the best ways to see the country is touring in your campervan. You don’t have to be confined to one hotel. In a campervan, you can really make the most of what the country has to offer. Mexico has some of the greatest sights in the world. Here are four of most inspirational Mexican places to visit while you are on your campervan trip.

Palacio de Bella Artes

Situated in Mexico City is the Palacio de Bella Artes, a cultural centre with a phenomenal reputation. You can take in performances in ballet, modern dance, classical music and opera. Even if you are not seeing a show though, it is worth paying a visit to The Palacio simply for the beauty of the murals and architecture. There are early works by Rufino Tamayo including Nacimiento de la Nacionalidad, which is a symbolic depiction of mixed ancestry – very poignant for Mexicans. You can also see the astonishingly vibrant Carnaval de la Vida Mexicana by Diego Rivera.

inspirational Mexican places: Pyramids in sunny distance with hot air balloon flying above them.

The Pyramids of Teotihuacan

This archeological wonder is only an hour’s drive in your campervan from Mexico City. It isn’t any kind of religious temple or burial chamber, unlike many of the pyramids of Egypt though. These pyramids were once the greatest city in Meso-America. You can’t help be in awe of the sheer scale of these enormous monuments, particularly the largest pyramid – The Pyramid of the Sun. It is worth mentioning that it is also the third largest pyramid in the entire world.

inspirational Mexican places - Tulum's blue crystal sea.

A Trip to Tulum

No campervan trip would be complete without a trip to Tulum to soak in the beautiful vibrant blue waters. Situated on the Caribbean coastline, on the Yucatan peninsula, the town is known for its incredible beaches with white sands. There are also the extremely well preserved ancient ruins of a historic Mayan city, including the famous El Castillo. There is an abundance of wildlife in Tulum. Of particular interest are the beautiful sea turtles that you can see from May to October.

inspirational Mexican places: Cave pool with visitors swimming

Cenote Dzitnup

Finally, whilst you are on the Yucatan peninsula, visit Cenote Dzitnup – this is one of the many thousands of sinkholes that you can find situated on the Mexican coast. Park up your campervan and don your trunks and snorkel for an unrivalled swimming experience in the warm underground waters of the sinkhole, there is even a lifeguard on duty.

There are some very impressive stalagmites and stalactites too. When you are swimming on your back through the calm, fresh water, you cannot help but feel that you are in a perfect, underground oasis, hidden from the hectic world above. It is a truly unique experience.

Have you been to Mexico and what do you think are the most inspirational Mexican places to see?

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