4 special occasions when you should send handwritten notes

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Handwritten notes are an artform that is now being lost. With our digital lives taking over it is very seldom that people actually pick up a pen and paper and write out their thoughts to others. It’s so simple to ping over a WhatsApp or send a DM on Instagram, isn’t it? But what about actually writing a thoughtful handwritten note? Should we consider being a bit more formal and going back to the times when a more personable note was the norm? In this post we wanted to share with you 5 occassions when you should write handwritten notes that will make your communications that much warmer and more personable.

So, when should you write handwritten notes?

1) As a thank you

Writing thank you cards is a lovely way to let the people you appreciate know they are appreciated. Thank you notes are usually given to give thanks for a gift or for someone attending an event you held. If people you appreciate have taken the time off to think of you, why not send them a handwritten let them know you think of them?

We mentioned earlier that a lot of times the simplest thing to do is to pick up the phone and send a quick online communication as a substitute for a handwritten thank you note. But why not integrate the two? For this post, we are working with Handwrytten, which is a really neat website with an interesting concept. You go on their site or their app and type out their note. Then they use their “custom-designed handwriting robots that hold real pens to write out the notes in the handwriting style of your choice.”

4 occasions when you should send handwritten notes

You can choose from their stationary or design your own through the site. Then they “send all notes via First Class postage. Typically, the US Postal Sevice delivers all mail to the continental US in 3-4 days. We also deliver to Canada, the UK and 190 other countries. Sending real cards online has never been easier!” Which is brilliant in case you have friends abroad or have a PenPal!

2) To PenPals or friends/family abroad

You know we love to travel on this site and anything and everything travel related is just our cup of tea. So, the thought of being able to keep connections with the people we have met on our travels is great. But being able to do so with a handwritten note is just that much more special. Whether it comes from our hand or some great software!

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3) Just because

4 occasions when you should send handwritten notes

It’s also a lovely idea to send a handwritten note just because. Whether your friends or family are needing a pick me up or you just want to send them a cheerful note to bring a smile to their face it’s always lovely to get something in the post instead of just a text message that could get lost in the daily busyness of life.

4) As a romantic gesture

4 occasions when you should send handwritten notes

It’s commonplace to leave comments on our beloved’s selfies online or share something on their Facebook wall so everyone can know how much they are loved. But isn’t it that much more special and intimate to send a handwritten note to let them know you care?

In today’s society, public displays of affection have translated onto the online world, but nothing is as special as the intimate moments you share with your partner. This could be quiet moments together or sending them a handwritten note they will cherish.

So, there you go. We hope that you are inspired to share handwritten notes with your nearest and dearest. Whether that is through old fashioned pen and paper or through the wonders of technology!

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