4 Quick Comping Tips For Beginners

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With the run-up to Christmas, I have been thinking a lot about the perfect presents for my friends and family. Look, we all know that Christmas can be expensive! With the food, travel, gifts, and so on it is the time of year when a lot of us go from sensible adults to eagerly spending all of our hard earned money … and available credit. Sure, there are some of us that plan for Christmas far in advance. And there are even some of us that prefer to try our luck with competitions. But first, it’s a good idea to learn some useful comping tips.

I’ve won a few really good bits and bobs years back when I was really into comping. Blogger competitions are usually my favourites but I’ve even won an iPad mini in a Facebook comp – my best win to date! Comping is a good way to try your luck and get your hands on some great prizes. It’s also a really fun hobby. I started comping back in 2012 and got really into it by following fellow blogger Victoria at Victoria’s Vintage. Her wins are awesome and even though it doesn’t seem to feature on her blog anymore I learnt so much from her blog.

Comping is fun but there are a few tips that you should know to make the experience so much simpler and overall just better.

1. Get Organised

Get organised by setting up a separate email account for everything having to do with competitions. You can have some big wins on Twitter so setting up an account solely for entering comps can make sure you don’t bombard your followers with RT’s.

2. Check The Terms

Usually, the terms are straightforward but one of the things you really need to look at is the boxes that you tick. Some boxes are basically just asking for your consent. But there are others that can be for unwanted things like solicitations and your information being shared. This is probably the most important of my comping tips.

3. Enter The Comps You Want to Win

This may sound quite silly and obvious but with so many competitions out there you need to enter the ones that you really want to win. When I first started comping I entered anything and everything that was going. Let’s just say that I won some items that I had no interest in and I was stuck with an unwanted item that I didn’t enjoy. Plus I couldn’t really re-gift because the items just were too niche.

4. Focus on Difficult Entries

Shortly before I met my other half he entered a newspaper competition for a trip to the World Cup. He had to clip the entry from the paper, fill it in, and post it in. Long story short, he was one of the winners! It’s all a game of chance and the better your odds are the higher your chances to win. If you enter competitions that many people will pass on then you’ll have good chances to win some good prizes.

That being said I’ve been getting back into comping. I am currently steering clear of the little bits unless they are going to make good gifts. One of the competitions that I wanted to share with you guys is a competition to win £250 to spend on the Tub Chairs range at Sloane and Sons. I’m obsessed with interiors and this is a brilliant competition if you’re looking to spruce up your home decor in the new year.

So, with that being said I wish you luck on your comping journey and don’t forget to keep these simple comping tips in mind!

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