4 Simple young couple bedroom ideas to maximise storage in a small room

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Moving in with your significant other is a huge step in your relationship that has probably led you to look for young couple bedroom ideas. You could be a newlywed couple or even a young couple that is just starting out. Either way, when you move in with your other half you tend to start out humbly and end up starting your life together and making a home in small spaces. A tiny rented place doesn’t have to be a burden, from learning to cook together in a small kitchen, to making a small living room work perfectly, it can be done.

Today we are focusing on the bedroom and the lack of storage, and generally, space that comes with a small room. The master bedroom is the place where you spend a long time either relaxing, sleeping, or just spending quality time in. Of course, your things have to fit in there too. Which is why these young couple bedroom ideas are perfect for couple’s that have a small home or think they don’t have enough square footage in the bedroom. Find out how to make your small bedroom work for you and your things too.

Young couple bedroom ideas

Young couple bedroom ideas to maximise storage

The bed

The biggest piece of furniture that goes into the bedroom is the bed, which is why focusing on the right kind of bed is key. The bed tends to be the focal point of the room so choosing a bed that fits the room dimensions is the way to go. Steer away from a king-size bed, and choose a bed and bed frame that has built-in storage, for example. A bed with built-in storage is fantastic as it can hold any bulky items such as coats or duvets or towels, etc. Ultimately, practical storage solutions are key which is why a storage bed is a brilliant idea.

Don’t forget to also choose the right mattress, as this can impact the quality of your sleep which is crucial no matter what your bedroom may look like.

Add fitted wardrobes

Young couple bedroom ideas to maximise storage

The last thing that you need to add to an already small bedroom is a free standing wardrobe. Of course, you need to have storage for your clothes, but a wardrobe or a dresser doesn’t do much for a bedroom that is already too small. Bedroom fitted wardrobes are a brilliant option in any house, but a small room in particular. Fitted wardrobes are perfect because they don’t bulk out the room but still give you space for your clothes, and other items. This is especially important in a couple’s bedroom and is an easy way to have space for your things but also keep your room as clutter-free as possible.

The right bedside table

I can’t stress the importance of a bedside table enough. Even if you think you shouldn’t have them as you are in a smaller bedroom, you’ll soon see that they are key pieces to give you that extra space you need to store your items. Bedside tables come in different sizes, heights, and sometimes are not even tables at all.

There are beside tables that are shelves, but they give you the space you need to set your mobile phone, glasses, and a glass of water at night. Some may even have enough space for a photo frame, which gives your side of the bed a more personalised feel. These side shelves are perfect for many design styles and allow each of you each to have personal space on your sides of the bed.

Extra seating area with storage

Young couple bedroom ideas to maximise storage

Whilst we may all wish that we could fit a chaise lounge in our bedrooms to help us relax in style, sometimes all we can aim for is a bedroom bench ottoman to go at the foot of the bed. Don’t be disappointed though, as these can be bought to suit your personal taste and your bedroom décor and on top of that, they give you bonus storage space, too!

These bedroom ottomans can be used for any extra duvets or blankets, clothes, shoes, or even non-fabric items like toiletries and even loo roll! The great thing is that no one will know what is in there and your room will look spacious and chic.

Bonus tips

Another tip for young couple bedroom ideas that isn’t particular to storage, but that will help help your bedroom look bigger is the color palette. Opting for neutral colors will help the space feel more spacious as will allowing more natural light in. The paint color you choose also makes a huge difference in how spacious the room appears to be.

At the end of the day you’ll want to come home to a bedroom that is your own personal sanctuary. You don’t need to have a four-poster bed to achieve that at all. All you need is a clutter free bedroom with plenty of storage to achieve the cozy bedroom that you long for.

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4 Simple young couple bedroom ideas to maximise storage in a small room
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