4 Tiny Yet Beautiful Room Ideas For Your Kitchen

Doing A Lot With A Little

Having a little kitchen doesn’t mean having an uncomfortable kitchen you can’t do anything with. It just means you’ve got to think outside the box a little. Get creative.

Do a little online searching to see what other people have done with their kitchens, and the sort of ideas like that which you might be able to put to good use. Let’s explore a few different ideas pertaining to tiny kitchen ideas as a means of helping you stimulate your imagination.

Plants Everywhere—But Mostly Hanging High

When there’s foliage in a space, it breaks it up by giving the eye something else to look at. The end result is, smaller spaces feel larger. The issue with a small kitchen is that too many plants make it hard to cook or store things.

The solution is hanging the plants above your head, out of the way of cabinet doors, or putting them atop either the refrigerator or microwave. There are a lot of options to pursue here. 

If you’re in a small apartment with a kitchen that’s less than 100 square feet, you can make it feel like a jungle getaway by growing vines along the corners and keeping them in place using varying techniques like wall-hangers, push-pins, string, or what-have-you.

You can even grow little gardens in mint tins and place them where they look good, but they won’t get in the way—such as behind the faucet, as an example. If you’ve got an exterior window, hanging a planter from it with a little garden can be a good move. Look at the space you’ve got, and think about how you could jazz it up with plants.

Cabinets, Cabinets, Cabinets

Cabinets are fundamental for storage, but if you don’t have any, upgrading can be difficult. Often, when you buy new ones, they aren’t the same size and shape as the old, and they don’t quite fit in. 

Maybe they’re too big, maybe they’re not big enough, maybe they don’t allow you to fully utilize space. Corner cabinets can store a lot of things, but they’re hard to find.

The solution? Well, look into RTA options. RTA stands for Ready To Assemble, and these cabinets can be ordered to your specifications, shipped to your home, and built on-site. At sites like this one, bestonlinecabinets.com, you can find not just RTA cabinets, but white shaker cabinets, and any cabinetry option you can imagine.

beautiful kitchen ideas

Sink Covers That Double As Cutting Boards

There’s probably four or five square feet atop your kitchen sink that you’re not using. You can design covers made of wood for the sink which can be used as cutting boards, or as preparation space.

If you’ve got a faucet that can be rotated out of the way, you’re in excellent shape; and when you’re done cutting, you can just rinse the board right into the sink, wipe it off, and you’re golden. It can be leaned against the wall behind the sink when you need to store it.

If you’ve got plants back there as per the earlier suggestion, then you can either leave the board on the sink, store it in a cabinet beneath, or lean it to the side; whatever works. But if you’ve got a tiny kitchen and you’re not using a sink cover as a cutting board or preparation space, you’re definitely missing a trick.


A Rug Has A Lot Of Character And Saves Mess

One of the most simple ways to jazz up a tiny space is the addition of a floor rug. This can serve a dual purpose. Not only does it brighten up the space and help your feet feel more comfortable as you prepare meals, but it can prevent messes.

Just get one with rich color so stains don’t show up, and once a month you can roll it up and beat the dirt particles off outside. You can sweep what you miss, and you’ll avoid staining tile, wood, or whatever you’ve got down there.

If you have built-in carpet in the kitchen, that’s no good—it’s also pretty uncommon. That said, by contrast, a rug atop a hard floor makes a lot of sense, looks neat, and can make a little space feel both larger and more cozy at the same time.

beautiful kitchen ideas

Tiny Kitchens That Feel Larger Than They Are, With Plenty Utility

Just because your kitchen is small doesn’t mean it has to feel that way and that beautiful kitchen ideas won’t work. Rugs, cutting boards atop the sink, cabinetry designed to order (including corner cabinet models), and foliage can do much to make the space feel like it’s larger than it is.

Be imaginative, and don’t avoid a little exploration. You can simultaneously expand utility directly and indirectly through a few minor decorative augmentations that are ultimately quite affordable.

What are your thoughts on these beautiful kitchen ideas?


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