4 Tips to Keep Your Home Pest Free This Summer

Whether you live in The US, on the Continent, or in the UK one thing is for certain. You are bound to deal with pests during the summer time. So, what can you do to keep your home pest free this summer? Read this blog and follow these 6 simple tips!

Check the Cracks!

As you may already know, these pesky little pests can get through the smallest crack or crevice. Make sure to protect against a possible invasion (because doesn’t it feel like an invasion even if it’s only 1 bug?!) by sorting out the cracks. Check any windows and ensure that they fit the window frame properly. The same goes for doors.

If you have any mosquito netting make sure that this is replaced or repaired as flies and mosquitoes can easily squeeze their way in through any rip or tear.

Those may seem like obvious tips, but when was the last time that you actually checked that your windows fit exactly as they should? Another thing to check is the foundation of your house. Are there any gaps around the siding or any cracks in the foundation? Do you see any openings between the utility lines and the exterior walls? If so, use mortar or any other permanent solution for sealing and keeping your home pest free.

Tip: Using expanding caulk may not work as you hope so because the pests may be able to find a way through. Even if it means they have to chew through it!

pest free: large ant on a pink rose.

Use Vinegar

Have you even observed a line of ants? They seems to gravitate to and fro in a single file. Why is that? Well, ants leave a scented trail to make it easier for other ants from their colony to reach food.

A solution made from 1 part white vinegar and 2 parts water and your choice of essential oil will help eradicate the trail left by other ants and help keep them out of the house.

Apple cider vinegar is also great for catching fruit flies! Add a bit into a small container and seal with cling wrap. Poke some small holes in the cling wrap so the fruit flies can get in but not out!

Recycle Your Coffee Grounds

You can recycle your coffee grounds in different ways. As an exfoliator for example. But did you know that you can also use them to keep pests away? Place them in containers or pots outside your home where these insects dwell or where they may enter the home. Many insects despise the scent!

Burn the Bridges

Ok, don’t literally burn any bridges. But consider this – do you have plants and bushes in your garden that are actually touching the house? This is a bridge which the pests can use to easily find access to into your home.

If you have any plants or bushes trim them and make sure that you don’t make things easier for pests!

These quick tips should be helpful to ensure that you enjoy the summer months instead of spend so much time dealing with the pests that will inevitably enter your house.

Many times there are simple things that we can do to keep your home pest free! If things are getting out of hand and your efforts are not working then most definitely reach out the professionals.

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