4 Toys That Will Make Perfect Christmas Gifts

If you’re like me, you’re usually too tired to look for perfect Christmas gifts for kids. This is especially so after a long work day. Looking through store after store and trying to decide on what gifts you might buy gets tiring really fast! You just want to leave it and eat and binge watch your current favourite TV show. You may also check out these Most Popular Toys in the World your kids will surely love.

So I took the liberty of creating a quick list of 4 toys that will end your perfect Christmas gift hunting.!

Let’s take a look!

ELZA The Elephant 

Perfect Christmas Gifts for Kids: Elza the Elephant

Studies show playtime helps babies’ brains develop faster because it’s the only time babies actively use their brain.  Especially since they sleep on average 18 hours a day!

That’s why baby toys, like ELZA, are critical to babies. Toys make playtime more fun so your baby isn’t simply crying because they’re bored.  ELZA sings “Do Your Ears Hang Low?”, plays PEEK-A-BOO, and flaps her ears which babies will blow your baby’s little mind. 

ELZA is for babies 3 months and up. But many parents say their toddlers (at at 3 years of age!) still love and play with ELZA. 

Loonie Launcher 

Loonie Launcher turns science into fun by playing with balloon-powered cars. It’s a STEM toy, which are toys that are designed to get kids interested in school, even with the harder subjects like math and engineering. 

So don’t be surprised if your kids start watching TED talks, or asking you science questions you forgot the answer to!

Unlike most STEM toys that require tablets and staying inside, Loonie Launcher is 100% screenless and motivates kids to play outside.  It helps your kids get off their chairs and run around while learning science subjects, which in this day of sitting and screen addiction… is a pretty sweet deal. 

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Perfect Christmas Gifts for Kids: Sketch a Light

This is the perfect toy for any parent who wants their kids to draw without constantly buying more supplies.  Sketch-A-Light combines drawing with LED Lite technology that makes your drawings glow in the dark and cleans itself after use. 

Sketch-A-Light an all-in-one art toy without the worry of spilling paint or going to the store for supplies. What parents always overlook is that once your child starts drawing, they start picking up other creative habits like dancing or playing a musical instruments. 

Kids start to lose bad habits and stop wasting time. 

Best of all, it’s at 70% OFF right now.!

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Galactic Fidget Drone 

Perfect Christmas Gifts for Kids: Fidget Drone

Galactic Fidget Drone is a type of toy that’s designed to reduce stress & anxiety.  This is extremely helpful for kids and teens, in particular, who are learning to manage stress and anxiety. Support for kids in dealing with the stress of school work and the anxiety that comes with growing up like is often sadly lacking. 

Galactic Fidge Drone has 4 unique flight modes that are easy to use. It makes for an easy party toy that helps kids manage stress and melt anxiety away. 

At 70% OFF, it’s a steal in terms of helping kids to have better mental health.

I hope you’ve enjoyed a peek at these 4 Toys that will make perfect Christmas gifts for kids!

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