4 Ways to Make Your Home Energy Efficient

4 Ways to Make Your Home Energy Efficient

Despite all that we read in the media about the huge number of fixed rate energy deals available on the market that will make our homes more energy efficient, the reality is that energy costs have been rising steadily for a number of years. The need to ensure that our homes are as energy efficient as possible is greater than ever.

Energy companies such as Pulse Power and various brokers have more tools at their disposal to deliver the best possible deals and service than ever before. Price comparison and energy broker software are just some of the resources that enable the industry to perform better and benefit us, its consumers and clients.

And yet there are always more things that one can do to make our homes energy efficient. Here are 4 ways.

Insulate Your Home 

Most homes, particularly modern ones come with good wall insulation. Unfortunately, that’s not the always the case for older homes. Even when a home does have wall insulation, it may need replacing. Replacing your wall, and loft insulation may seem a big one-off cost. But the reality is it won’t take long before your outlay is recouped in energy savings. Good insulation will massively reduce your need to use heating and therefore it will create a much more energy efficient home.

On top of that, when you do use your central heating systems it will be much more efficient as the heat will be maintained inside the home for longer. Which means that your system, such as gas central heating, for example, will be more efficient as well.

Another type of insulation that is extremely important to consider and one rarely does is pipe insulation. Insulating your pipes can ensure that you protect them from a deep freeze which in turn ensures that the water doesn’t freeze and that the pipes don’t burst. While this is the most common reason why insulate our pipes did you know that it’s also a very energy efficient thing to do? If there’s a discrepancy in the temperature between the pipe and the air around it there will be a significant loss and gain of heat. This loss and gain of heat will create a waste of energy which can be avoided by using pipe insulation.

Companies such as Pipe Lagging provide different options of insulation from wall to pipe to help you save energy throughout your home.

Switch Off Your Appliances 

The key to efficient energy use is to use what you need when you need it. Don’t leave the light on in a room just unnecessarily just because you’ll be back in there in 15 minutes. Also, don’t believe the myth that switching appliances on and off uses more energy – it doesn’t. More energy is used on heating water than on most of the other appliances in your house put together. In my home, we only heat our water just before we need to use it whether it be for bathing or washing up. We’ve seen a very positive difference in the amount of energy we use since we started doing this.

Replace Your Windows

Having double glazed windows is a no-brainer for anyone keen on making their home more energy efficient. It will also make your home much warmer in the winter. It is said that 50%-70% of heat is lost via single pane windows, making double glazing an obvious choice.

Double glazed windows don’t only help you out in winter. During summer they will serve as protection from the bright rays of the sun and also help soundproof your home.

If you’re planning to install new windows, you’ll need to assess what kind of window you want to buy. Although, keep in mind that you also have a choice to install new windows in your existing frame. However, you’ll have to consult your window company and installer if this option is suitable for you.  

You may also look into the following features for your new windows like frame types, gas fills, and spacers. If you live in a place with a cold climate, you may opt for low-e coatings and gas-filled windows to minimize heat loss. Meanwhile, if you live in warmer regions, choose windows with coatings that can lessen the heat entering your home. Either way, you can consult the experts as they will be the appropriate people to ask about the options. You can click here to find a reliable installer. 

Moreover, remember even the best energy-efficient window needs proper installation to keep its features in place. See to it that professional window installers will set up your window to guarantee they’ll follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. Otherwise, there’s a chance you’ll void your warranty.

Change Your Lightbulbs

Often people are put off buying compact fluorescent bulbs because of the initial cost. But similar to insulating your home, what you spend on the initial outlay you will soon recover and you will see big savings going forward. Fluorescent light bulbs last 8-12 times longer than incandescent bulbs. If you don’t want to use only fluorescent bulbs you can combine fluorescent and incandescent bulbs in your home. And you will still see savings in your energy consumption.

These 4 suggestions will definitely result in your home becoming more energy efficient. Not only will we be helping the environment by putting these small changes into effect, but we will also end up with a good few extra pounds in our pocket.

As shown above, saving energy is essential and beneficial for various reasons. Taking steps so your home becomes energy efficient will not only help you save money and protect the environment but also boosts your property value. If you have a limited budget, you can implement small steps to achieve an energy-efficient lifestyle, and eventually, you’ll appreciate all the rewards of your strategy.

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