4 Simple Ways to Crush Life Challenges

We are all good at enjoying life when it’s all rosy and comfortable. But when life throws challenges  at us, we become scared, discouraged, frustrated,  and confused. 

Life challenges, they say, make us stronger and wiser. But no one said how to overcome them. If you are struggling with a life challenge and have tried every possible method to breakthrough, you aren’t alone.

Below we have outlined a few tips that might help crush life challenges. Regardless of what you are facing, these tips are designed to offer you relief and set you on a path to recovery.  

1. Make a plan

4 Simple Ways to Crush Life Challenges

“If You Fail to Plan, You Are Planning to Fail” 

— Benjamin Franklin

This popular motivational quote doesn’t only apply to those seeking a white-collar job, preparing for an exam, or planning a vacation. It also applies to those facing certain life challenges.

What challenges are you passing through? Are you deep in debt? Is your academic career on the verge of a collapse, or are you being treated unfairly? Regardless of your challenge, ensure you plan well.

For instance, if you are deep in debt, there are lots of debt repayment plans to consider. Alternatively, you can negotiate with the creditor or seek the help of debt consolidation companies. You never know your options when you refuse to sit down, assess your situation, and plan. 

2. Understand that you aren’t alone.

Everyone goes through life challenges—it is a norm. While some are experts at handling every challenge life throws at them, others are good at hiding it and pretending that all is well. But, the truth is no one is exempted from life challenges.

In fact, whatever you are going through, others have been through it too. Is it the health challenges? The work issues? Name them! Even billionaires like Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates, including revered celebrities, go through some challenges we experience. So brace up. You aren’t alone!

3. Remain motivated

Life challenges can leave you feeling down, frustrated and discouraged. While life may seem meaningless to you, know that overcoming the situation may be your way out. To boost your mood, you need the right dose of motivation. And how do you get motivated? There are several ways.

Some people get motivated by listening to favorite music, engaging in exercises, or talking to a loved one, while others draw their motivation from reading through inspiring quotes, reminiscing their success, etc. Find what motivates you and implement it. When you are motivated, you’ll have the willpower to face your challenges head-on.

4. Ask for help

Asking for help when in dire life situations isn’t a sign of weakness but strength and confidence. So whenever you find yourself struggling with any life challenge- be it financially, academically, or career-wise, don’t hesitate to ask for help. 

Of course, you may feel ashamed at first. However, remember that the breakthrough you seek might be in the hands of another individual. This person could be your loved one, a mentor, friend, colleague, etc.

5. Accept support

Asking for help is one side of the coin while accepting support is another. Asking for help will be worthwhile only when you’re willing to accept the support of the person offering to help. People who go out of their way to help generally care about you. So be open to receiving help when needed.  


Life challenges aren’t death sentences. There is a solution for whatever you are going through. Remember, there is light at the end of a tunnel. So, have faith. Be courageous, and envision overcoming your challenges because you definitely will. 

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